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ever had this happen?

I cannot stand this... i like a few girls instead of just one >_<
I like ummm 1,2,34 about four girls
the main one i am talking to now says she loves me but i don't know if i believe this because she fights off every girl that asks how i am doing... she has fought like 5 girls for nothing.
i don't think this could be for me... she is the only girl i am talking to but i don't wanna hurt her by saying i don't wanna be with her.
I have had several people tell me she wouldn't be good for me because she is two faced and that she cheats and she's a ****** bla bla bla.
this other girl i kinda like told me she loves me and she has for a long time i kinda believe her but i don't think i want to be with her because me and her have been like best friends for the longest it would be kind of weird...
the other girl i could actually maybe see it possibly working but we don't talk as much now.
My other ex keeps flirting with me but i don't flirt back because i am talking to the girl that likes to fight everyone.
Get this she got in a car and chased this girl down threatening to kill her.... Shocked
some women are psycho...

the girl im now with already has kind of cheated once by having a boyfriend and not telling me about it but she supposedly broke up with him.
*I think she did* that's what she told me... she only told me because my two best friends found out and were about to tell me and she found out and then she told me.
and she fed me the whole "please forgive me i'm falling in love with you"
and i can't be a dick and say "NO SCREW YOU I DON"T WANNA TALK TO YOU ANYMORE"
i have a hard time saying no because i don't wanna hurt someone.
and i think it could possibly catch up with me.

wow this is my longest post ever
I didn't really read your post all the head started spinning. Shocked

Even so, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and go for the best one.

That would be the least cheating, lying, two faced, crazy one. If she handles herself respectfully, she will respect you, too, if you give her respect.

I was just reminded of the HBO show Flight of the Conchords. I quote "We've reached this fork in the road, then why does it cut like a knife?"

Good luck, man!
Gah, that was confusing. So how many girls do you actually like and how many of these girls that you like actually like you back?

I think if you're unsure of who you want to be with the most, don't try to make a rash decision on picking one just yet. When you know who she is, you just know. And you won't know unless you try get to know them all better (as friends). Deal with that crazy one first though.
i promise this will be shorter
I REALLY like the girl that likes to fight. she feels threatened cause i talk to a lot of girls...
a few of them really like me... a couple have even gone so far to say they love me
but i don't know about them.
... being nice sucks. I don't even flirt with these girls that like me.
i don't even say i like them back.
all that's left is to say i don't like you like that way...
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