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Open university

These past few days... I've been thinking of studying on Masters of Information Systems... I am a graduate of BAchelor of Science in Information Technology... I just wanna have a master's degree... I've been thinking on Open University since I have been working already and I have no time going to school... So i prefer Online discussions and assignments.. Now, my question is: Is it effective and efficient if I study online or distance education?
You have to be really dedicated to do it. Not all employers take online degrees as seriously as well. It has a lot of plus sides too. You can study from home, you never have to worry about finding time to commute, and you can work at your own pace. It is also a lot cheaper, as you don't have to pay for commuting or relocate to go to a good school The major detractions are: it can be really difficult to discipline yourself to get the work done, balancing work, home life and school is hard. But I think it is really worth it in the end. Good luck!
Natem has hit the nail on the head, but just a further few more points. I did mine in 1978, and had to juggle a wife two kids and a job, but because I had some exemptions it only took three years. You do have to therefore really disciplin yourself to work, attend seminars (if there are any local ones) which do give you face to face discussions on the problems you have met, and assignment solutions become much easier after a good discuss. I found the Summer Schools a bit of a bind, as it not only took up a precious week of holiday time, but for what I got out of it it was also costly. All in all though I thoroughly recommend doing your Masters this way as you may find as I did that you meet friends and do have some fun.
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