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Is my PC dead?

Hey all,

In the weeks leading up to this one my PC has on the odd occasion been losing the signal between the monitor and the PC. Normally when I'm playing a game but also when simply browsing, the signal simply seems to cut out, and my monitor light juyst flashes. I have to restart the computer to resolve this. However now my PC will send no signal whatsoever. The PC turns on, the fans start up, however there are no beeps and no signal is sent to the monitor. I have replaced the monitor and graphics card and encounter the same problem.

Any ideas?

Many thanks
It sounds like your CPU probably ran its course and went kaput on you. The only way to test to see if your CPU is truly dead is either take it to a computer shop and have them do diagnostic tests or just pop in another CPU chip that has the same socket type as your current one.
I was concerned that it may be either the CPU or motherboard. I happen to have another processor chip so I'll try that when I get home.
Did you see any bad capacitors(bulging capacitors) on your motherboard? If so, that might be the case.
Although I am not very sure if it's RAM-related, you could try running a memory diagnostic test to see how it turns out.
first... try to pull out the power cable for processor (cable comes from powersupply to mainboard which have 2 yellow wire and 2 black wire ) and then put in back... start your computer.....
still don't work..... replace the RAM (some mainboard don't have signal if error at the RAM)
still don't work..... reset the BIOS jumper
still don't work..... look at your mainboard, it's have any light at you mainboard, it's mean your mainboard have the problems...
sounds to me like a psu issue. If it were anything else (with the exception of the mobo in a worse case scenario) you would at least get the post error. This is normally in the form of screen message, or if the issue occurs before vga is enable a beeping pattern
greatfire I believe you are correct in your assumption that it is the PSU. I swapped out the motherboards (as a last resort) and now there is no power whatsoever. I put the old motherboard back and still nothing. My PSU appears to have died.

I'm getting a new PC in a few weeks anyway, but I hoped I could get this running to enable me to transfer data easier. My current HDD drives have IDE connectors so I'm not sure how exactly to get data off of them onto my new PC as the mobo will only support SATA as far as I know.
I had this same problem - getting a new PSU fixed it.

As far as the IDE hard drives - you can get converters that run from IDE to USB 2.0, or you can also get an IDE interface on a PCI card. I'm not sure of the cost of the adapter but I figure that would be easiest. You can usually find that kind of thing on your favorite computer supply website.
I did a quick search and have found what you meant. Thats one hell of a weight off of my mind, thank you.

With that in mind, I'll be able to salvage what I need from my old PC.

Thank you everyone for your responses
So I bought a new PSU today (Corsair HX620) in the hope this would fix it, but no luck Sad

When I turn the power on on the PSU, a green light flashes every few seconds on the motherboard, and this flash is accompanied by a clicking sound.

Any suggestions?
The owners manual for your motherboard should say what the flashing of the LED means.
Where is the clicking coming from?
Do you happen to have a Dell? They use a non-standard propriatary psu.
Unplug and reseat all the memory sticks and cards.
Get some Arctic Silver thermal paste and take out your cpu clean the mating surfaces to the heatsink and reaply a very thin layer of paste.
Clean out all the dust bunnies.
Verify that all cooling fans are functioning properly.
I don't know where the clicking is coming from specifically. Its an ASUS A7V600 motherboard, and the manual I found doesn't seem to detail any info on what the flashing could indicate. I'm concerned as to why there doesn't appear to be power. If the machine at least started and then failed I could try to determine what component it was that failed.
Put your hand on the side of the psu, see if you can feel a slight thump as you hear the click. Also watch the mobo LED and see if it blinks at the same frequency as the clicks. You'll need to pull out all components but just the bare essentials to rum the machine and see if it will boot. Are you getting any kind of beeps when you reboot it?
Did you see this thread from a Google search?
jwellsy wrote:
Did you see this thread from a Google search?

Having read that thread, the problem does appear to sound very similar, however I've just put in the brand new PSU and am having the same problem.

I'll take a look to see if there is a thump from the PSU. The clicking and blinking occur at the same time, but I don't know what this indicates.
The psu is tripping and resetting.

Do you have another pc that you can try that new psu in?
You may have gotten a new bad psu.

Also make sure that your mobo hold down screws are torqued tight.
You could have a problem with your mobo not having a good ground.
I'll be too annoyed if this PSU is faulty. I don't have another PC to test it in unfortunately. Might just see if anyones listed my mobo on Ebay and pick up a cheap replacement.
if you've replaced psu and video card to no avail

then its your motherboard's southbridge not correctly sending and receiving the agp/pci(x/r) signal

i would again take just your processor to a computer shop of some sorts, and see if they have any running computers of the same socket they can test your CPU just incase it is some weird ass cpu problem thats inhibiting the motherboard
from what all u have written it seems that your motherboard has conked out

take it to some hardware shop and run a diagnostics on yer mobo
no, this happened to me, did your screen get all "fuzzy," if so you fried your CPU chip. You can actually help it, by turning down monitor options like from good quality to OK. and so fourth.

Anyways, thats what worked for me.
Simple suggestion: the VGA/DVI cable? Test it with another one.
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