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DOS Games! Which ones did you/do you still play?

I am sure I've spent as much time in my life playing DOS games as I have Windows games. Here's my list:

Dune 2
Command and Conquer
Duke Nukem 3d
Duke Nukem 1 and 2
Crystal Caves
Secret Agent
Relentless (Little Big Adventure)
King's Quest IV
Colonel's Bequest
Sopwith 2
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Red Baron
Wolfenstein 3d
Transport Tycoon
Tyrian 2000
Rise of the Triad
Jazz Jackrabbit
One Must Fall: 2097
LHX Attack Chopper
Jet Fighter 1 & 2

I'm sure I've probably missed some, and I haven't listed some more obscure ones and text-based ones.... But these ones are all classics!
Add to your list:

Doom 2
Block Man
Blockman... I know that name, but I can't recall the game itself.

What do you do in it?

Gorillas was a lot of fun! And Nibbler was the best Snake game. EVER.
Not that I've ever actually run DOS, but I occasionally play Master of Magic using a DOS emulator. MoM is awesome.
I can't believe I forgot these!

Starcontrol 2
Theme Hospital
Death Rally

I never got to play the Might and Magic series unfortunately. Fortunately, I do have other games of that genre/style to keep me occupied Wink.
As far as I remember:

Wolfenstein 3d
Dune 2
Bomberman(It was DOS game, wasn't it?)

Why Raptor is bold? I've spent thousands of hours playing this game. It is awesome and in case of this game, nowadays I like others shoot'em-up games. If you don't like DOS games, you should try Jets'n'Guns. Similar, but for Windows... Very Happy
Hi there,

I ahve played a lot of DOS games, but there are a few that will always be on my heart lol Smile which are:

- Larry (I am not going into details here... Razz )
- Prince Of Persia (who doesnt know this one? awesome afternoons playing this game over and over)
- Rick Dangerous I and II (man, i love this game. sometimes i play it at college lol...not for much because i never found out how to turn off the sound)
- Lemmings (a classic)
- Doom I, II and Wolfenstein 3D
- Raptor (of of my favorites)
- Double Dragon I and II (oh yeah baby old school beat 'em up!!)
- One Must Fall (OMG...afternoons playing this with my neighbor !! Pyro FTW) !!

Stay Cool !!
I started my adventure with computers in 96 so there was plenty of dos games i played but the most played one is propably

Indycar racing 2
I used to play:

Doom 2
Wolfenstein 3D
Terminal Velocity

I used to love these games but DOS won't work on my computer anymore.
Go to !!! It's a DOS emulator which emulates Soundblaster, GUS, etc. and it's designed to run under Windows, it works REALLY well, and some games which I used to have trouble with running in pure DOS run wonderfully in DOSBOX!

But yeah, you guys are still naming more games that I used to love playing!
I remember the good ol' times with my MS-DOS computer. Programming QBASIC, no images or real sounds so I used ASCII art ^^ And the harddisc was crashed so I needed to install MS-DOS to RAM every time I wanted to start the computer, which took like 20 minutes ^^
Why didn't you just use a boot disk?
dos games lets c....

command and conquer
Prince Of Persia

there are some more can't remember...

stunt is a old race game and its still better then the newest NFS pro street if u ask me:)
traxion wrote:

stunt is a old race game and its still better then the newest NFS pro street if u ask me:)

hey u got to be kidding

anyway can to upload it or give me a link ill try it... Laughing Laughing
Amen to Raptor/Wolfenstein 3D/Duke Nukem/Crystal Caves/Secret Agent.

But you left out one of the best Apogee game series--Commander Keen!

I seriously spent like half of my childhood playing that game.
Dune 2 owns in DOS!

I played the game for hours and I still do. I must be insane.

Anyway, it runs in my XP without any problems which is nice.

I played a lot of other games, but I played Dune 2 the most.
I loved Lemmings and Prince of Persia - although now that I have Lemmings on my PSP, I don't really use the DOS version anymore

As for Prince of Persia - I have never been able to finish that game
I played the big ones mostly but I have to say my favourites of all time were:

Doom 2
Death Rally

and of course... JETPACK I don't know if anyone else played this one, but it involved you as a man with a jetpack that had to get all the green orbs from the screen before one of many hazards could get you. Then, after getting all the orbs (or jewels maybe) you had to then fly to the exit! Loved this game!
I thought I listed Commander Keen... I did think of it when I did my first list Smile.

I also spent MANY hours playing mostly Keens 4, 5 and 6. I've finished them all too! I never really played much of Keen 1, 2 and 3 without cheating though. But I did learn and all-but memorise the Standard Galactic Alphabet! That was fun.
When i was a kid, we had an Old gui that was top of the line for the early 90's lol. We had Jack Nicholas Golf Dos Game (my dads game really).. that was incredibly awesome, the gameplay and map creation still outdoes many of the golf games nowadays Razz

Then i also had this WWII plane game.. that also outdid Tons of games we play now.. wierd.. these 3D games really kicked but back then, they were games but simulations, like really flying a real plane with all the instruments and stuff.. And then it was even more fun flying a Bomber.. you could switch to all the different turrets and put them on automatic or use them to blow chunks away out of the enemy planes.. and this was a bombing mission as you were the bomber, you had fuel gauge, bomb bay, (had to hit the building target) and then even make it back and land without beind shotdown haha.. or other missions included being a spitfire or hurricane and protecting the bombers Razz

We had an olympics games.. how come games back then were so complete? They had Tons of different competitions... Really good gameplay in those too.. and unlockable levels and stuff hahaha

And then of course one of my favorites was .. hehe just grabbed my floppy disc so i could read it now-> "MEGA MAN 3" lol.. Was a blast, i stayed up plenty of nights playing that game.. I was about 6-7 years old haha.

Had some other games for DOS but these were my most noticable ones Razz and i probably couldnt remember the others that well, i was only 6 heh.
From time to time I still play the oldies.

The best oldies I play (and the only the only I can):
Commander Keen: funny caracter and lots of version and hours of fun
Prince of persia: the good old version, also hours of fun, and I never pass by the 3rd level.

Best games ever
DarkCovenant, what's the name of that Flight Sim? I've played Red Baron, Chuck Yeager and Knights of the Sky but not that one. It sounds like a lot of fun!

A Windows one which I bought a while back which is a LOT of fun - but you can only fly fighters (WW2) - is European Air War. You could fly several variants of Spitfire, Hurricane, Messerschmitt, P47, P51D, Typhoon, I *think* you can fly the Focke Wulf. It's a lot of fun!
First: when you are into this kind of nostalgia, check It has information and screenshots on almost all games which ever came out from the 80s until today.

These were the games from the DOS-era on which I spent hours:

On an XT (7 Mhz(!), 640 kb memory, no colors - just shades of cyan):

Larry 1 en 2 (Sierra)
King's Quest 3 (id)
Space Quest 1 (id)
Police Quest 1 (id)
Falcon (from Microprose?)
Lode Runner (Broderbound)
Simcity (Maxis)
California Games (Epic?)
Where is Carmen Sandiego
Firehawk Thexder
Bruce Lee

On a Pentium 1 (75 Mhz, 8 Mb memory):

Rise of the Triad
Stunts (from Accolade, someone mentioned it above)
Doom (Id)
Quake I (Id)
Whacky Wheels (Id)
Duke Nukem 3d (3drealms)
Myst (Cyan)
Warcraft 1 en 2 (Blizzard Ent.)
Simcity 2 (Maxis)
Carmageddon 1 en 2

Propably forgot some...

Dean_The_Great wrote:

Death Rally

Excellent game! Still enjoyable today. I played it through several times to the end-level, but never succeeded at the last level. Sad
I playd Duke Nukem 3D all the time. I also printed long manual to mapedit and I made many easy maps for this game (especially for my sister - maps without creatures Very Happy )
Theme hospital seems familiar to me, might try to find it if it is free.
I used to play DOS games such as:

Dyna Blaster (aka Bomberman)
Prince of Persia
Lemmings (Winter or Christmas version?)
Death Rally
Warcraft I & II (DOS-mode, though they can be run from Windows)
Sim City 2000
Railroad Tycoon (original DOS version)
The Incredible Machine

I'm sure I've forgotten some...
I remember playing my first computer game Commander Keen 5. I was pretty amazed by the fact that my computer produced sound without speakers (meh, I was such a n00b). I really loved that game and I bought more games of the series, as many as I could find. So I played Commander Keen 1 (Mars... Yaay), 2 (really, HUGE), 4 (nice), 5 and Keen Dreams (weird). Other games which I remember playing are Jill of the Jungle, Oscar and Robobuddy (although I never found anyone else on the internet who knew the game and I also haven't been able to find even a single page refererring to it).
I remember when I was about 6 getting a DOS game called 'The Temptress' or something like that. I'm not sure if my dad was completly sure about that game, I can't remember, hehe.

But, anyway, me being a six year old, and it being a pretty complex point & click adventure game, I didn't get how to play it straight away (I've since refound the game (Abandonia ftw), and have to say it still took me half and hour to get anywhere). My dad obviously used this as an excuse to return the game back, but recent relevations lead me to suspect he just thought it was a bit fruity. Very Happy

But yeah, when I go on holiday to my gran's house, I take the time to play Wolf 3D and Doom on her Win95. Was Civillisation on DOS? I can't remember. Brilliant game nevertheless.
STUNTS, that game simply rocks Very Happy I've spend so much time creating my own tracks to this game, It's like my childhood game, it's like I grew up playing that ;p There will never be another game that will have the same feeling as STUNTS Very Happy Hell, I think I'll go play it now, for the good old times Very Happy
I'm going to have to try out some of these *games Smile

*edit - i wrote mods instead of games (thinking of half-life 2)*
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