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Driver /videocard problems

I have a video display issue that is related to drivers i believe but i don't know how i can fix it

The system is running Windows XP 64 bit
with 2 of these video cards

For some reason whenever i try to install the drivers for the video cards the outcome is that the screen will turn black and then flash back to normal, and it will repeat like thins, some times the images on the screen will skew or get that slow drag effect window copied look as well as sometimes the windows won't load and will remain blank. Sometimes the screen will just turn off, then it may or may not turn back on.

It also seems that as long as i am remaining still the screen stays on (mostly), but when i click on a program, or a link in Firefox the screen goes black then comes back

I tried the setup with one card, then with the other card, then with bot cards SLI but the problem persisted

any idea what is wrong and how to fix it ?
Dark-Tech, that sounds more like a monitor issue.

I had similar problems with an old Dell monitor years ago, and it turned out one of the capacitors went bad. I also had a brand-new one almost blow up on me, once.
Whole screen went white, then there was this horrible acrid smell of sulphur, plastic & lord-knows-what-else burning, but I got it unplugged and outta the house before it went any further.

Here's a link that'll give a good list of visual indications of a monitor going bad - List of Bad Monitor Capacitors and Symptoms

Arrow NOTE: Even though the above link is to a site that is devoted to "arcade games", CRT monitors are basically the same, internally.

Of course, I'm no expert, so you might wanna look into signs of your graphics card going bad, too -

Idea And there's always the "overheating" thing to think about...
Idea Maybe you oughtta stick with 1 graphics card at a time...

I suppose you've checked out the manual, support and so forth at the link you posted...

In any case, I hope you can find a simple, easy & cheap solution to your problem.
Best of luck! Smile
Thanks for the info, i would have assumed that it was the monitor seeing as i was using a dell, but i ran a pile of tests, multiple monitors and tv's and eventually figured out what it was......

In case any one else has the problem, the cause of my problem was that one of my ram chips was defective, when i was running windows 2000 the OS couldn't reach it cause it would be too much to handle on 32bit, however on the 64 bit my system was using that chip

So in the end the cause of the entire problem was a faulty ram module and the system is up and running on 3gig of ram, as i wait for a replacement module.

I know a bit about computers but it was just a matter of not being able to make the correlation between the ram and the video cards, seeing as i would have believed that the system would of used the other 3gigs first but i was wrong...
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