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Boot Problem

I Had no Cd Rom but xp backup on my computer D: Drive. I want to Boot My Harddisk D: Drive. PLZ........ Help Me at
A little more information would be helpful.... From what I gathered, you have a computer running Windows XP, with either multiple hard drives or partitions. You have your main installation on Drive C: and a backup copy of this on Drive D: and that you need to boot using the backup copy.

If this an actual complete copy of your Windows installation (not a compressed backup file or a CD image, etc.) then there are two possibilities:

1) Assuming you've got a completely separate physical hard disk with a complete working copy of Windows, you only need to enter the BIOS (when starting your computer, press ESC or TAB if you have the motherboard logo screen immediately after power on to get to the boot details, where it should have the RAM, BIOS and CPU details. It should also say "Press DEL to Enter BIOS/Setup" or perhaps F1 or F2, depending on your motherboard). Once into the BIOS, you need to find the section that determines boot order and change it from your first hard disk, C:, to the second, D:. Then save and exit the BIOS/setup. If the second drive is bootable, then it should work upon restarting. If it isn't bootable, but still has a complete copy of Windows, then you need to make the drive active. This means using a DOS boot disk and a utility such as GDisk to set the partition on this drive to active. Then it will be bootable.

Note: if this is a laptop, then it is highly unlikely that you'll have two physical hard disks. Instead, you'll have one physical drive that is "partitioned" (basically, divided) into two or more "drives"; the partitions will be labelled C:, D:, etc. Also, only one partition per drive can be set to active (bootable).

2) Assuming that you instead have a single drive with multiple partitions, you need to use a DOS boot disk to change the active partition from the primary partition ( Drive C: ) to the secondary partition ( Drive D: ) to active, as mentioned above. Or, you could try modifying boot.ini on Drive C: (assuming your Drive C: still contains a non-functioning Windows installation) so that you have the option of booting either to the Drive C: installation or the Drive D: installation. I have never had to alter my boot.ini file in such a way, so I am unfamiliar with how to do it.

If your Drive D: backup, however, is not a complete copy, but instead a compressed backup or CD image, etc., then you'll need to find a way to access it. If it's a desktop PC, then you can try removing the hard disk and plugging it into a friend's computer (preferably one with a CD/DVD burner) so that you can transfer the backup image to CD/DVD.

Finally, you could try borrowing a copy of the Windows disc from friends or family to restore your Windows installation. As before, if it's a laptop, then your Windows key should be on a registration sticker located usually on the underside of the laptop.

I hope all that is of help. Failing everything else, a computer repair place should be able to restore your Windows installation.
Like the previous poster said, I'm not really sure what your problem is either, or exactly what the situation is. However, I think you might mean you have some sort of backup on your other drive.

Your best bet is to check your manuel and see how to boot into it and restore your operating system.

Watch out, your files may get destroyed in the process.

Good luck...
woh, MeddlingMonk you went to a lot of effort to help someone who couldn't be bothered using proper English let alone clearly state what their problem is....

Rolling Eyes
If what you are looking for is a way to install Xp to the second drive, you may run into problems where there is already data on the drive. I say this because the master boot record must be on the first sector of the hard drive. If there is data already on the drive then that sector is likely already taken and windows will not boot properly.

If you have a copy of Xp saved on the drive as say an iso image file, then you might want to try to boot the pc with a knoppix disk or some other Live cd that supports cd burning and try burning the image to a disk and then install from that cd.
it is not possible to boot from D: if you select it from BIOS and your OS in C drive.. try to boot from floppy or other third party software then run your file on d:
Hello sayem

I am assuming that you want to either:
(a) Boot from your 2nd hard disk
(b) Boot from the second (primary) partition on your hard disk

I suggest you create a bootable CD which will allow either of these possibilities (and a lot more besides). Please follow the following instructions (or get someone else to do so if it seems complicated to you!)

    1. You will need a working PC with a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive, a broadband Internet connection and a virgin CD-R.
    2. Go to the 'Ultimate Boot CD' site: .
    3. In the Table of Contents on the left, click on Download UBCD.
    4. Near the top of the page, see which is the latest version (e.g. 4.1.1).
    5. Further down the page, there is a table of Mirror sites. Choose a site to download the EXE of the latest version from one of the sites in the table. If one doesn’t work, or is to slow, try another.
    6. Once you’ve downloaded the EXE file, run it to produce the ISO image file.
    7. Use your CD/DVD recording software to burn the ISO image on to your CD-R.
    8. You should now have a working 'Ultimate Boot CD', which you should test by trying to boot from it. (If the PC ignores the CD, check the BIOS boot order settings.)

Now you can use the 'Ultimate Boot CD' to do what you want to do:

    1. Boot your PC from 'Ultimate Boot CD'.
    2. Press Enter at the "boot:" prompt.
    3. A menu will appear:
    a. If you just want to try booting from your second disk (scenario (a) above), choose the option "*Boot Second Hard Disk", and you’re done.
    b. If you want to try booting from the second primary partition on your disk (scenario (b) above), choose the option "DOS/Linux Boot Disks", and continue with the steps below.
    4. In the next menu choose "DOS Boot Disks".
    5. In the next menu choose "FreeDOS Boot Disk V3.40".
    6. The CD will now boot FreeDOS.
    7. Whilst it does so, it will ask a lot of questions: just answer Ok to each, or wait for the questions to go away.
    8. When the boot process has finished, you will find yourself in Q:\ .
    9. Type in "cd bin", followed by Enter.
    10. Type in "partman" , followed by Enter.
    11. You are now running the Ranish Partition Manager (see
    12. The currently active partition will be marked by an asterisk, something like:
    2 *Pri 1 Windows …
    13. Please note the first number.
    14. You should see your other primary partition as something like: 3 Pri 2 Windows …
    15. Select the other primary partition and press B. You will notice that the asterisk moves to this other primary partition, showing that it is now active.
    16. Press F2 to save your changes, then Esc to quit the program.
    17. Remove the CD, reboot, and see what happens!
    18. You can undo the change you just made by repeating this process, and changing the active partition back to the original 2 *Pri 1 Windows … (whose number you noted earlier, right?)

Good luck!
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