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SmartPhone: Eten x800 or HTC TyTN II

I'm about to buy a SmarPhone, but i'm still in doubt behind this two models:

Eten x800


There is a comparative at the website, but I would like to get some pessoal opnions from persons who have one of then, or who know the trademarks.

I just ordered my new HTC TyTN II. It's going to be my first SmartPhone. I'll let you know more about it once I receive it. I'll be trying out the GPS when I go on my road trip. Can't wait Smile.
I actually own the eten m700, and i love it. While i cannot speak as to the comparisons of these phones, i can recommend eten as a brand. I've had it for about 6 months now, without any issues. GPS is solid, and the rest of functions i'm sure is standard amongst most phones. Took me a while to find these forums, but here you go read all the bugs etc..

Hope it helps!

I recently got my HTC TyTN II and I love it. It came with CoPilot 7 Live GPS software with the map of Australia. I made good use of the GPS on my one week road trip from Sydney to Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The GPS signal was reliable and quick to get a fix on the satellites. The TyTN II comes with Quick GPS program which allows you to download the latest satellite information. A notification is displayed when the satellite information is out of date, which is 7 days. The volume is quite good for using GPS navigation. Another good thing that I'm really impressed about is that the clock changes according to the timezone that you're in. I'm not sure if CoPilot changes the operating system clock using GPS location or if the phone changes the clock using network information.

I also use the WiFi connection alot and I find it quite fast and it has good signal reception (this can also be due to the wireless router). The built-in keyboard is quite useful for typing. Much faster than using the stylus.

I find the voice command system impressive too. It can recognize and pronounce most names in my contact list.
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