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I'm uber bummed today

so i bought a mother board couple of years ago and set it up fine and its been working perfectly but it is outdated now so i whent out and bought a whole new computer and thought id save myself like $80.00 of labour work and install everything myself (graphics card, ram etc.) anyways like 5 hours later and 25+ manuals i boot that bad boy up. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRM...... ERRRRRREEEEECH PSHHHH. Needless to say it got completly fried and now im down like 900$ on the MB alone if nothing else got fried.
Shocked you fried your motherboard when you turned on the power? Wonder which part of the cabling you got wrongly fixed. I remember replacing the stock cooling fan of my p4 and forgot to fix back the fan cables before turning on the computer. It just took about 5-10 seconds before my computer auto shut. Lucky for me, there was no damage done to it. I was worried that the processor would hav been busted. Pheww...

Anyway sorry for the loss on your new rig. I'm sure you will get it right this time round.
That sucks dude!


As the saying goes: if it ain't broken, don't try to fix it!
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