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air sex [not a joke]

i hear its a HUGE hobbie in the asian countrys where the asian guys who arnt getting any perform sex acts with chicks who arnt there, its kinda like air guitar

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Edited by tidruG:
Please do a little research before making claims.
"Air sex is a performance activity invented in Japan; clothed men simulate sexual activity with an invisible partner, often in an exaggerated manner, set to music, and in a competition before an audience." --> wikipedia
So as you can see, it has nothing to do with guys not getting any. It's just a competition of sorts that they have, and it's not really a replacement for real sex.
and how exactly are they doing it?
how strange
Are there any public competitions? Very Happy
It must be VERY funny to see... though it's totally weird. No, because it's so weird!
thats crazy... for sure... i would like to watch that shi... they are crazyyy
now that's weird...

although, I suppose you could have yourself a full air relationship....would save money on chocolate, flowers and other things...

would be very sad though.
I'm going to have to try that. I'll put the videos up on for everyone to find a girl as insane!
Uh.... PHP-NEWBIE, this topic isn't breaking any rules, but if you look around the forums, topics similar to this usually aren't posted. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this post, but I'm just giving you a heads up.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
hmmm ... I think I'll stick with the old fashioned kind Smile
Japanese always comes up with those crazy ideas, thumbs up for them. Really funny to watch Laughing Laughing Laughing
Good.... something new.... Very Happy... dont have words for this...
It's quite easy to explain actually why they would want to do this. If you watch the video, most of the people have only ever had air sex, never the real thing....

*roll high school health class video*

*Play NBC's "The More you Know" Music*

See, quite simple actually!

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
"If air sex becomes a substitute for real sex...we will become extinct!"
Wow....leave it to the Japanese.
you sure? that sounds like a nice urban legend right there..
Incredible, imo those happend mostly in Japan
Well, everyone has to have a hobby I suppose.

On second thought, no. Not everyone has to have a hobby. And if they do have to have a hobby, make it picking up trash. That's good, clean fun right there.
Make no mistake, this is not big in Japan by any standards. Furthermore, please do not generalise with statements such as 'Asians' or 'in Asia' because, for example, a Japanese, a Thai and an Pakistani have absolutely virtually nothing in common.
Very strange and crazy...What does they think doing like this....huh...??? Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
That's completely bizarre. I'm not sure whether it bothers me more that people do it on stage in public, or that there's actually someone that's a "champion" at it (which implies there's competitions) that bothers me more. It's kinda funny in a sick and twisted sort of way. Only not. LOL
That is seriously one of the most awkward-looking things I've ever seen a human do. I like how they're all dudes, too, because no chick would be caught dead doing something like that. :f
How sad. Stick with the real version, dammit!
hilarious ^^

lucky i have a girlfriend .
so if i'm 18 i dont need to air sex
thats crazy :O
it cant be nice to lat on the grund and ****** in the air . poor people that have no partner.
air guitar
air heads
now air sex...

why is it that we usually only see blokes doing stuff like that????
makes you wonder..

mind you
good way of population control...
unless there are somewhere lots of air girls with air babies Rolling Eyes
Wierd and not something I'd want to associate myself with.

J.Ross' punchline for the winner made me chuckle about the winner saying that "he pulled off some stiff competition".
I think it's just like masturbation because you are not doing it actually. It's just like imagining having sex with a virtual partner. So, if it's like masturbation, then, I guess it is pretty normal. Laughing
Good old asians always come up with something.

Japanese always comes up with those crazy ideas, thumbs up for them. Really funny to watch

Hahahah...i've seen it...And I was just laughing all the time...
man it really was hilarious

cld not stop laffin
Alright, so I can definitely see how this might be something big in Japan as lots of crazy and strange activities are popular there......for reasons unknown to me. So it sounds like it could be real, but there's another side of me that thinks maybe this is a joke after all. I mean even seeing it wouldn't prove whether or not this is or has become a regular practice because some herb could have def made a video or something to support the joke. Regardless though......THAT IS F'ING RIDICULOUS. Seriously if you are having air sex you need to man up and just get a hooker or something. hahaha
So would it be considered masterbating or would it be considered sex?
I hear if you get *really* good at it, the sex fairy will appear and grant you three sex wishes. But that's only if you properly communicate the password to the air-daughters in sex-latin.
wow really! that is very strange! their are some pretty big loosers out there lol.
This is just unbelievable, those Japanese are a strange lot.
wow that is deffinatley interesting..however t doesn't suprise me much. This is like that taboo show. it is normal for there country but taboo for us.
You just have to wonder if they take themselves seriously, or if they mean it all in a sporting manner, with nothing but intentions of good fun.
that is just weird and i think something only the Japanese could have thought up.
Never heard of it...
but it sure look interesting!
japan doesn't have hookers?
This is totally weird, I don't want anything to do with them. I can't imagine why people would like this.
it is definitely wierd ... Japanese people are really creative or crazy ...
Right... ok...
This is totally ridiculous, unless they make it a game show on TV. Why not? They have a poo that pops up out of the toilet teaching children science facts. The Japanese simply don't have as many neurotic hang-ups about bodily functions as most Western people. They seem to think it's all funny. And they're right, really. Pooping, farting, peeing, and masturbating ARE funny.
I can't believe! They're crazy Rolling Eyes
Do you have a link or so where we can find out more about it. Japanese sure come up with the strangest things..... but hey whatever tickles there fantasy, good on em
That is just plum stupid. Funny though. I wonder if their techniques ever help them find a real mate. "Like, oh my, did you see the way he gave it to the air? I'm so turned on."

I'll bet that's a messy venture. I believe it's also called masturbation, you know?

I don't need air sex, of course, even though I am a female. I have a fiancee and well, if that isn't enough, I'm currently pregnant so........
Woah man, you guys are losing it.
I don't know whether that exists or not, but my guess is that it's real. It's also not really what people seem to replacing real sex with. In all probability, it's a sport or some other form of entertainment rather than an everyday activity that people indulge in.

Wikipedia article on Air Sex
As you can see, it's a competition of sorts.

Also, as is said, it's not something that all Asians or all Japanese do, so avoid the generalization.
Haha lol!
thats noobisch! Razz
nice video
Perhaps we should start an American Airsex League! Sounds interesting and competitive!
That's helarious!
XD It reminds me of how some species of birds have their males do a "little dance" to give the females an overview of what they can expect. Air Sex: The Nerd's Ultimate pass time.
Although I wouldn't have predicted necessarily that it would come out of Japan; in China they have something like 24 men to every 1 woman.

And I'm not so sure an American League would be a great idea. We're already oversexed and many of the male athletes apparently like to cheat. I can just see it now:

"Hey! He's cheating! He has a (whatever the PC term for a mature, but small person) in his pants!"
Those japanese are certainly creative. And it's definitely not about the japanese not getting any...such racism is completely unnecessary. I've seen local caucasian males in grade school do the same thing before, and I'm sure they weren't getting any. (at the time)
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