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Christmas is on its way

Maybe you think it is a long time untill christmas. But belive me, time goes really fast. I have bought 5 presents, and have about 20 left. I have a weird feeling that everything is more expensive closer up to christmas. I'm getting quite bored of expensive presents... I like to get them, but sometimes they are just not so personal as I like them. So my question to you is:

How much do you use every singel christmas on presents? Please write in US dollars. ^

I use about 3700,- norwegian, about 528 dollars... I think. (?) I think that I should start to use less, but it never seems to work. ^^

Let's just wait for Halloween to pass us by first, okay?

Merry Christmas! Wink
ftv_flung wrote:

Let's just wait for Halloween to pass us by first, okay?

Merry Christmas! Wink

We don't celebrate Halloween here.
Hmmm, I don't actually buy a lot of presents for people - just very close family & a couple of friends. I spend money on the important people (fiancé and sister, namely) and my parents always request that I buy minimally for them. Therefore, it's only about £200 or so. Converting that to dollars doesn't really work, as when I lived in the US, I probably spent about the same amount ($200). I'm cheap, okay?! Razz

(PS. The "it's" in this subject line is misused. Should be "its")
I despise the consumeristic fiasco that Christmas has turned into, but since I have kids I'm forced to take part. No dollar value though, we just kind of go with the moment.
I have a small family so i'm up to 2 presents each year. I don't count how much i spend on them but you can trust me it's not much.
Oh man, christmas - the time to forcefully buy gifts for families and people close to you. My girlfriend already bought loads of gifts or so it seems, and I have yet to begin. You better start soon because otherwise you're going to have trouble haha (experience from years before).

I don't really like this feeling for christmas, you buy things for people they don't really need, but whatever.

I wish Halloween was celebrated here by the way, sounds like a lot more fun :-/
I have also a feeling that it's christmas soon. Maybe because it getting darker outside. Sweden is not far from norway so it make sense.

I have stoped buying presents some years ago. You give away and you get presents so I think it's better to use your money on things you like instead of give someone else something that he maybe like. I have told my family to not buy presents for me but they do that anyway.
Oh maan! I have felt the feeling for a long time now, in some way, this year have just flew away!

It´s about 2 monts until the new year is here!
And then it will be alot of fireworks, and we have a tradition here in my family that we play BINGO, with our relatives, very funny, with prices and all! Laughing

And then after about two weeks, back to school and study!
Ha. In the United States, we usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start worrying about Christmas. I can't imagine already starting Christmas shopping nor can I imagine spending that much money on gifts for so many people.
I enjoy giving presents on Christmas as well. However, I'm an amateur artist so I love to paint/draw. And my friends and family love to receive works from me. Therefore, I don't usually spend any cash on Christmas, except for a few minor gifts on the side. However, I think the personalized art means more to a person then just another store-bought gift. At least this is true in most cases, with what I can purchase within my budget.
i never had an opportunity to buy gifts for christmas. May i should say i never thought of giving a gift to some one on christmas.

I think i should start thinking about it.
less than 2 months and it's Christmas. I haven't bought any gifts for my friends yet. I'd probably be buying around a week before that day. will think about what to buy and save more money in the meantime.
ok so its november 1st and I have bought nothing!

normally if I get anything I only buy for 4 people

as for my budget....If I spend $100US I've spent a lot!!! (seeing that would be $600 of my local dollars)
I only buy for my parents (75$ each) and brother and sister(40$ each). So around 240 each year but I'm only 15 so xP not that much money to toss into random presents anyways.
I don't typically buy a lot of presents, but I always spend about $25 on my best friend (who spends the same amount on me). I also give to my parents, but seeing as I have a lack of money but still want to give them something special, I usually give them a home-made gift: a painting. While not always appropriate, I think home-made gifts are more personal. When I paint something for my parents, they know that I've spent a good 10-15 hours on it, so they're always more than happy to receive a gift that I didn't spend a penny on. So, to answer your question, I only spend $25 on Christmas gifts.
I know, its not long now. I still have loads of presents to get and theres so little time. Its only 56 days or something now. Already so many Television Advertisments already. Its xmas mad lol
Boxing day is cominG!

ALl i think is with these things 'coming', all i see is my money GOING!
The English language as we know it simply does not contain enough words of strong enough emphesis to accurately depict to just what extent I hate the ridiculous commercial holiday 'Christmas' and the percentage of the year to which is dedicated soley to growing advertising attempting to inspire guilt in those who do not partake of it by purchasing their goods.

(And that sentence was maybe fifty percent sarcasm and fifty percent really irritation)
Christmas starts after Thanksgiving dinner.

No sooner.

And besides, all my relatives are getting King Hall maple syrup for Christmas. It's like $2.50 a bottle, and it's very nice stuff.

I recommend it.
Actually summer isn't that far away either...


This really is a bit too soon.

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