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Convert .flv to avi etc..

I was wondering if there was any PHP Scripts that can convert .flv files to .avi files, I have been able to find a few scripts that claim to convert avi and such to .flv, which is useful for the reason they were created, but this reason is not why I need a converter, so I need a converter that can do flv to avi.

So has anyone heard of a script that does this? I am planning on building a script that takes the input of one file (flv) and outputs it to another file (avi) and I want to do this through php, so that someone can visit a site and have an inputed file (flv) be converted to avi for download. So does anyone know of a script that can convert flv to avi, or a tutorial on how to make one.

It sounds like you need a command line program to convert the files. You can do command line programming though php.

So basically you upload the file, then trigger the program to convert the file, and then give the url to the resulting file to the user.

It's a bit of a work-around but I think it'll work.

I found one product that claims it can convert files though the command line:

here's an article about command line scripting:

p.s. php is unable to convert media files directly as far as I know. Most sites that convert pics, video, audio, etc. do it through command line programs.

p.s.s. Why do you need to convert flv to avi? iPod, Media Device, Etc. ?
if u get a c or Still better a JAVA program then also us can invoke it through jav and do it nicely
Hmm, interesting I'll look into that, I don' think we can access the shell on server 2. But on other hosts it would work.

I was using it cause I figured out a way of downloading files off of youtube. Which if you have done any of that work you know it is in .flv format so I wanted to make a script that Took the url of a video, converted it to the file url, then took that file converted it to avi, then have it downloadable to the user of the script.

So that's why I wanted the opposite of the usual flv conversion.

If anyone else has any suggestions please post them lol!

i guess i saw a class in php at or somewhere which could do this using some linux utility at the background...

wonder if such scripts will work on frihost???
You know what, I actually found this cool application that will convert an flv into an avi and the sound would be in a separate mp3. It does this almost instantly then you can just merge the sound and video in WMM or something. Love to get my hands on the source code of that.

[Edit]Here's the url to the article:[/edit]
why dont u try out the tools at
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