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yo anyone here is into ten-pin bowling?
as u can see from my nick i m a fan of ten pin bowling haha Wink

enjoy watching the PBA on TV and hanging out in the alley.
average about 160.. =S not too good.

so anyone with similar hobby out there? seem quite hard to find a bowling fan ard these days.

I go bowling about once a year or so. I would like to go more but I never get around to it for some reason. So I only go about once a year and when I do I get in the low 100's.
Out play bowling just for fun like when my friends and I bored watching movie. Terrible in bowling.
I've always wanted to try bowling, but never had the chance. I'm going to ask my friends some time. I think it'll be fun.
I like to bowl from time to time - it's funny because sometimes I'll have strikes at least every other time and then sometimes I can't seem to avoid the gutter for the life of me. It's really weird, I generally do ok - in a group of maybe 5 or 6 I'm usually in the top 3 (but then again I don't have friends that bowl professionally or anything! lol) Bowling is fun but can be expensive, whenever I go with my friends we usually rent out a lane for 2 hours and split the fee (much cheaper that way I think).

I once considered actually buying a pair of bowling shoes since it seemed like it was something I wanted to do regularly but like a lot of things my friends lost interest and I'm not a fan of bowling by myself so yeah that idea went down the drain.

It's fun and it's possible that I'd get into it some day and maybe gain some skill (instead of mostly lucky shots lol) but can't do that until I hang with like-minded people.
bowling is awesome. I like bowling I average anywhere between 130-160. Hard now to find time/money to bowl now.
I do it once in a while... it s fun but I m really bad at it.
el bowling mola muchoisimo sobre todo cuando te metes bolitas por el culo...tngo un amigo q le encnata
I played bowling a couple of times and its fine. I also watch the pba and its fantastic.
I love bowling, but I don't do it often... my scores can range anywhere from 70 to 140, so... I think I gotta work on my consistency a little bit.

My parents used to play in a bowling league. They've got all sorts of trophies. My dad was in the 250 club at one point.
i like 2 boowwl but watching it... that isnt 2 fun. playing is fun tho... i dont think it should fall under the sport catagory tho. its refferd 2 as a sport but ur not really active. same thing about golf! i think it is equivlent golf. they r both kinda fun 2 play. not avtive. not fun 2 watch.
Lord Klorel
For me it is almost one year and half past that i played bowling. It was with some co-workers of my job.
Trowing a strike is just based on luck, unless you have some techniques to forge a strike.
Anyway after 4 games we won at least 1 game.

Just a great base of luck.
I used to bowl about twice a week for around 6 months or so. Haven't been for a while recently though. My best score is 233 and when I was bowling regularly, my average was probably around 180 or so.
I like playing

Wii bowling is good

How do you score though

20 for strike
1 for each pin knocked down?

game 1

get 6 on first throw
4 on second throw (spare)

game 2

throw a strike

game 3

get 5 on first ball
gutterball on 2nd throw

What is my score?
I don't know Wii bowling... but used to do the real thing in a work league. My average was between 130 and 150 - which was OK... My best ever was 225 - I finished with7 strikes in a row. What was even better was that my father and brother saw me do it... they would not have believed me otherwise.

The scoring is....
1 point per pin knocked down.... plus... a spare counts the next score twice... and a strike counts the next two balls twice..

So in the example above;
6 spare then strike then five zero

First frame scores 10 + next ball = 20
Second frame scores 10 + next 2 = 10 + 5 + 0 = 15
Third frame scores 5 only

So, 20 + 15 + 5 = 40 after 3 frames..

My best was 135... But whatever, that is enough to completely destroy my friends.
Oh, this thread's back. So, since my last post, I took bowling as an activity for my school. Over ten weeks, with three games per week, I... didn't improve at all. I actually got worse. My average after week one was 104. It peaked at 114 in week three, but by week ten had dropped all the way down to 101. So much for 'practice makes perfect'.
I dont go bowling often, but I do enjoy it when I do go

When i was a kid, I would always have a "bowling" party for my birthday... we all had to use the bumpers.....

Last time i went was about 2 years ago... I had no idea my college campus even had a bowling alley, then I got invited to play in a group./... yes I did suck, but it was fun anyway

Havn't been bowling since... might go again soon
I'm very bad at bowling, mostly because I have problems with my wrist
Bowling is a great sport. I really like it and I'm not so bad in it.
I have to say that out of all the sports you can play with friends bowling has to be one of the top ones to play. Its so much fun with friends or family and there is a lot of strategy put into the game which I really like. I have to say I am far from a professional bowler but I think that I am decent. My average is around 170 a game and my best was a 203.
there is no real bowling around where i am. It's only the candle pin with the small balls... so its a bit harder to do the real thing for me when i grew up with this. But i do enjoy it and i give props to whom ever can do it well because i know im not in that category.
i love to bowl, but unfortunately property prices are way too valuable here and all of them have disappeared in the last 5yrs. Our 10-pin alley tried to hold out, but they were offered 4 times the value of the property to sell it and poof. Really stupid too because since it was demo'd 2yrs ago there has not been a single thing done to the property where it was located and theres not anything slated to be done there for another couple years. Evil or Very Mad Now if I want to bowl I have to drive over an hour & through a mtn pass to get to an alley. very lame.
yeah, i took bowling in college as well, and found myself getting worse.. i don't know how that happened... maybe the fact that the class was at 9 in the morning and i never felt like bowling..?
Oh bowling. I definitely like bowling. Though we don’t go to bowling that often, I would love to go more. I am not a good bowler, but still I do batter than everyone else with whom I go there. Every time I go to bowling I have really really enjoyed. But I feel it is kind of expensive, so we can’t afford to go there often. But, ya I would say that I do have hobby of bowling. It is always lots of fun. You know after wee game lots of my friends got leazy and don’te really want to go for bowling. But going for bowling is definitely different than playing on wee. And it is a lot more fun to go really for bowling.
bowling-its my life. Whenever i go home on vaccations i go for bowling for hours on ends...
I never liked normal bowling, its difficult for me to play, and I always get a really low score.
Umm not many a times tried bowling but just twice or thrice in my life, but I tell you I loved it and also I had a good score in it!!! Very Happy
I enjoy ten-pin bowling...however, I must say that it usually ends up being 5 or 6 pin bowling for me. I'm not very good and bowl only a few times a year. Bowling on the Wii, however, is a completely different story. Freakin' rock star!
Yeah, I don't go bowling very often around once every two years Very Happy

I sometimes play virtual bowling, way easier, lol Very Happy
michaeljscott93 wrote:
Yeah, I don't go bowling very often around once every two years Very Happy

I sometimes play virtual bowling, way easier, lol Very Happy

the virual bowling isn't it for me
you can do it in GTA and on PSN but i've prefer the real deal

with some friends its always alot of fun:)
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