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Mouse Wheel rolls for itself

Da Rossa
Hi folks, I have an enduring problem. When I'm browsing, specially reading a text online or in Word, sometimes the mouse wheel rolls 'by itself', not physically, but it's like someone had put their middle finger on it and gave it a go. So, I'm reading then, ramdomly and annoyingly, I'm took to another line, or another page, but I'm sure that no one had rolled the wheel. This also compromises my gaming: in Counter-Strike, I set the mousewheels to select the grenades... this means that I'm there, seeking the enemies with my automatic guns, then, when I engage them, a grenade appears in my hand out of the blue, and the enemy kills me. Very irritating Sad

Lets go to the Config:

Windows XP Home;
Mouse: Intellimouse Explorer 3.0;
Mouse Driver: intellipoint, date: Nov 7 2006;
There is a process that always loads @ system startup called "ipoint.exe", it's related to the mouse software;
This used to happen even with previous driver versions and/or intellipoint versions, starting with 4.0, the one that came in CD with the mouse.

Is there an end for this plague? Smile
how about you take off all mouse software junk and see if still happens. I don't want to say this but maybe your mouse has been worn out or dirty inside and things getting clicked together
seems there is a problem with ur mouse. If its a old 1 then u may like 2 try using a different mouse and see if the problem persists.


Try reinstalling the mouse software
Da Rossa
Thanks men but I'm quite hopeless that it's gonna work..... it doesn't seem to be physical and it used to happen a long time ago, even before the reformat/reinstall of the driver.....
can it be related to the combination Mouse model + Win XP Home?
If you have Linux Live CD around you can try it and found out
I test many hardware with the CD Smile you can download through FTP or BiTorrents (which is way faster) CD is ok you don't have to get the DVD also make sure it's EN for English "KNOPPIX_V5.1.1CD-2007-01-04-EN" have fun with that it's very useful CD whenever you're stuck with dead OS and wants to recover something voila Knoppix will save you Very Happy

So if you get the same problem with Knoppix then I'm 98% sure it's hardware problem
Da Rossa
Right now it's not possible for me to download a new linux distro because my ISP has capped my connection to 200kbps since I've exceeded the maximum traffic usage... however I have, in here, a DSL image, a ~50MB iso file... can I do something with it?
Idea So did you ever change the mouse?
Da Rossa
BBQBob wrote:
Idea So did you ever change the mouse?

I don't have another one Sad

@Fadirocks: I tried to boot a DSL distro, but it didn't succeed. I don't remember the error message, I can't copy/paste Very Happy I'll come back later when I manage to load the OS.
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