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New email service from Microsoft


Check out

It is a new free email service from MSN, a bit customized for India.
hey thats pretty cool. but i dont know, kinda stupid at the same time. what are they trying to do? just make simple email that has no ads and make it fast to load and really easy to use! common now they can do better than that.
I'm still quite unsure about the site. why would microsoft want to start another free email service when they already have hotmail.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid but that's how i think Confused
hmm im going to try that thing..why are you saying a bit customized for India.?
looks lame...
Gmail gives you everything u need Wink
I have a Hotmail address, but I've never seen this before. Yet when I opened the page it has me as registered?!?!

I haven't looked into the details o this website, but does this mean if you have a Hotmail account you automatically are registered for this?

I think they're maybe trying to update Hotmail into a new trendy style to attract more customers or have I got it wrong?
I agree with Bilkers. It looks like another attempt by Mircosoft to change and be more trendy and hip. They are probably just testing it in India in order to get feedback.
Apparently what they did was buy up tons of .in, and a few .com, domains, and now are offering people email through those domains.

So I could get . Its a really neat concept, I am surprised they didn't think of it before.

The reason its targeted towards India, is because all the people on the webpage are Indian, and most of the domains are .in the Indian domain suffix.
If it's specially for Indians why is it in English. Shouldn't they have done it in Hindi?
Why would MS do this when they just upgraded to Hotmail Live? Hummmm
interesting...not that hot, though
This is a clone of another website,

I haven't been on it in ages, and I've just looked and they're renewing the site.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was this one, you could have a choice of email addresses also do a similar thing!

It's not new!
seanooi wrote:
I'm still quite unsure about the site. why would microsoft want to start another free email service when they already have hotmail.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid but that's how i think Confused

I agree! Lame!
I dont think so it is by microsoft or anything

Just a lame idea
They're targetting India probably because they've managed to land a lot of .in domains.
Apart from that, Young India's population is on the rise, and kids these days want to be really be "cool".
It's highly annoying to some of us, but very hip to some others to have email addresses like that.
I haven't been to the site. I will later, when I have nothing better to do whatsoever.
Is this a microsoft official project (source please?) - it's not actually verified by Site Advisor and looks unofficial.

Either way I wouldn't use it Laughing

(gmail ftw)
Although I see some genuine, it still looks very fishy. They are really going into overdrive...

I sometimes get the feeling the internet is running out of new ideas. I mean, companies like MS and Google and Yahoo... they created a lot of new things to make our lives easier, but now this Web 2.0 has landed, they're just making new e-mail services, new social networks, new music download sites... but those things exist already. Can't they come up with something new and nice? Or even better, do we actually NEED all those things they are throwing at us?
there are lots of email provider now. many of them offer various service like new ms hotmail.
But I think email is just email. I don't want various service I just want "fast and reliable" well as big capacity.
It does not seem nice. There are too many sites that give mail but I think there is no need for this.
i think they are just using this because they have run out of names on the normal hotmail. therfore there are now millions of names again using their new domain.
looks cool though but they are a little late doing this.. gmail has all that I need already, no need for any other email services
ah, i guess microsoft feels like they need to fidget with things every now and then...
I think this is not official microsoft site.
This is indeed an official Microsoft site. Or at least Microsoft owns the domain.

Have a Look Here
I hate Microsoft. I don't know why anyone bothers with their ad filled email. Just get adblock pro for firefox and use gmail. xD
I agree. Until I got Gmail I didn't realize how good email could be. I thought "Well, I've got what I need with hotmail. What more is there?".

But when I got Gmail I loved it. It's amazing!
I'm sticking with G-Mail

I LOVE my gmail account. You can search in the account for a particular e-mail message without looking through each individual message. It keeps track of all the people you send messages to, so you don't have to worry about finding your e-mail addresses. It has lots of storage. All the messages you send back and forth get put into "conversations." You can easily filter. It is GREAT!!!!!!
Hi Guys,

well i checked this out its nice cool and wat all you can say... they have customized id's according to your region, mood, celebrity its gr8.... but still confused y would microsoft be maing another website.... Question
I have tried using, i have created some new e-mail id's but it wasn't really attracting me to use it more than what i already have. But still i is a great idea and a concept to pull people into their world of business. I appreciate hotmail for what they are doing.
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