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The Incredibles

I haven't seen it yet... but so many ppl say its funny... Is it really?
Yes... a great movie for me... see it Smile
Yeah, it's a really good movie. Quite funny and original.
i think good,original,beautiful film
cool film
a very funny movie. I love the lady who design their costume...haha "never go with the cape; do you know what happen to heroes with cape" something along those line. I laugh so much at that part. I like the movie throughout.
man, this discussion has been on for quite a while.
well in my opnion this is one of the best animation movies ever made
the theam is gud. the characters are justified and sequences are simply great.
overall, a gud movie.... or i'd put it as a "must watch" movie
Yeah you should see it.It's very funny.
It's Amazing! very good reallyyyyy!

Yes, it is really a good film, everybody likes it very much, I suppose?
very good film, especially with polish dubbing Very Happy
wht z wrong with everyone here....
all u hv to say is that its a really gud movie...
yeah it is, and 1 person saying it or 1000 doesn't make a difference
u guys don't hv an opinion of ur own. simply dumb
come on give some real opnion, don't just repeat wht someone has already said.
u r just spamimng the forum with these kind of replies....
I loved the movie, although I had conflicts with Dash. He is fast enough to run across water and run so fast that a teacher can't see him put a tack on a chair, yet some dude in some hovercrafts can catch up to him easily. Especially when he was running full speed from him. Even if those crafts were extremly fast, a normal human would not be able to handle thos espeeds and still manuever the craft. Of course, this was a cartoon and obviously I go WAY too much into detail on everything. It just bothered me. Everything else was pretty good with the movie. Funny and it was for the whole family, anyone can watch it and enjoy it. Plus I love comedy movies, and I could not comprehend anyone whocould not laugh at the film at least once.
Only saw it recently on DVD.
Enjoyed the storyline, comedy and animation.
The new era of virtual actors is well and truly underway.
THe incredibles is an INCREDIBLE movie! believe me!, v.funny!

I like the scene of the family fight, cool animation and plenty of action!!!

and also another scene of the robot on the island!

Overall a wonderful movie, a must for family watching!!!
THe incredibles is an INCREDIBLE movie! believe me!, v.funny!

I like the scene of the family fight, cool animation and plenty of action!!!

and also another scene of the robot on the island!

Overall a wonderful movie, a must for family watching!!!
I gotta say it's a great movie! Very funny, well done and really entertaining. I think everyone should watch it! Wink It's really INCREDIBLE! Razz
I even bought it on DVD so I can watch it like everytime I want to.
It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. It was funny and even had a bit of drama for you to look at throughout the movie.

The bonus features are sweet too, alternate scenes and cuts and all of that happy stuff.

Dollar for dollar I would say it is definately worth watching.
You gotta get the DVD and see the special "Jack Jack Attack" mini movie. I was Laughin my head off!
I like the movie, it`s funny but for me is not only that, the film have a instersting aspect too, this is the Violet Parr character describe really good the personality of a weird young lady Very Happy
i sorta like it saw it to many times got old but i still like it the part where the one lady made the suits for them it was funny Smile
Good for family entertainment... As the characters, were a family of heroes..
A good movie, also if you get a dvd watch that baby's extra movie it is great Smile
Pixar never fail to impress me somehow, and just when I think "wow, that's the best they're gonna get, the next movie will never be better" they ALWAYS seem to prove me wrong.

The Incredibles was no exception - I loved that movie! In fact, it's my favourite Pixar movie to date (taking into account that Cars has yet to be released in the UK). I've seen it three times, but I've still gotta get myself a copy of the DVD so I can see it again. Come to think of it I need to get the Toy Story 10th Anniversary and Toy Story 2 SE sets as well...hmm...
Really original Pixar never fails to impress Laughing
The Incredibles is absolutely invredibles!
i enjoyed the movie as well. but i think i liked chicken little more. i don't remember if that's pixar though.

i know this is a little off topic, but there seems to be a lot of animated movies with the father-son bonding theme going on.. have you noticed? and what's with that??
One way I rate if a movie is good or not is my mother's willingness to spend "her" money on a ticket. In the case of "The Incredibles", she bought a ticket. So already it gets high makrs. Personally, I love this movie. It's just a all around great film. Even though it's animation, the plot just seems so very real. I can honestly see someone stupidly suing someone else because "they saved their life when they didn't want to live".

Anyway, you'll be hardpress to find any bad Disney/Pixar movie, and The Incredibles just makes it even harder to do so.
The Incredibles is basically a family of superheroes who try to live as ordinary persons. Just that big tension running thru each of the family members' lives is already meat for a lot of laughs. But then there is also a tension between past and present, of an "enmity" that exists between the Incredibles' family and an aspiring hero turned villain. That provides an unexpected twist in the story line of the movie and adds to the tension in the plot. There are other elements in the movie that I like. It is one of the great Disney cartoons.
Its one of my favorites.
Bought the movie for the kids and watch it with them and have loved it every since. Love the classic comic appeal! Definite worth buying for your collection.
This is a great movie for both children and adults! They should make more anminated movies like this. Do you think there will be a part two?
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