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why is it like that?

i had a girl normal friend. she was cute and we are just friend. the problem is yesterday i only know that she has just started a relationship with a guy. and now my heart feel weird!! feel a bit sad. and disappointed. and now my mind keep thinking of her.
That my friend is what we call puppy dog love, or infatuation. My advice is this, if you tell her that you like her and end up ruining her relationship she will probably get angry at you. The best thing to do is just wait for her relationship to end and then tell her how you feel. But if you do that be sure to give her enough time to get over the last guy before you tell her anything.

actually what i think is i wanna get rid of this feeling. i scared that i am not a good person for her. so that is ok if she already had boyfriend. the problem is i don't wanna feel like that. this feeling disturb my daily life and i think that is not fair to my other friends beside me. because of this, my mood is bad. how only i can feel nothing? in other words, i try to think nothing but i can't... but if i think rationally, time will manage all the problems. and now i hope the time pass faster!!
I know that feeling. Few years ago I have ruined my friendship with best friend I had had when she started relationship with my friend. I had not loved her before, but when I was told about that I got the same feeling like I would had loved her.

I felt like I couldn't breathe and like I would have died in any second. I told her I loved her and that was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. I missed my chance with another friend of mine (and friend of the 1st one) who told me, she didn't like what I said to the first girl and if I had not said it, she would have gone out with me.

Now (after few years) we are quite good friends with the first one and the second one is one of my best friends, I can speak to her honestly and so does she.

What is worse, I have this feeling again, but now I liked another girl so much I almost loved her, but I know she isn't interested. Now I can't barely speak a word with her.

I don't know how can I (or you) get over this, but I know the time is the best cure and I'm sure the feeling will be gone in few days.

(Maybe I will do some desperate thing I will regret...)
You are in love with her hahah. Think about it.
just be her friend . but tell her that u love her and then just be normal but if u realy love her then keep doind good thiongs for her always
web_harman wrote:
just be her friend . but tell her that u love her and then just be normal but if u realy love her then keep doind good thiongs for her always

I can hardly agree with that. You can't say you love her. The friendship will never be the same and the relationship will slowly degrade.
only after she has a boyfriend then you realise you like her... a bit too late right? sorry for being blunt, but it's always the case when realise you want something only AFTER it's gone.

for now, just stick by as a close friend. establish how you feel about her and only if it's love then make your move after she breaks up. even then, just stand by her because loving someone isn't having them but making them happy.
There's no turning back if you cross that line. Maybe your just jealous to the idea that she have someone else, just an opinion. Better think twice.. thrice.. .. .. what do you really feel.
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