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Typo3, low memory causes error


I want to use Typo3 on my Webspace at frihost. On that server I it only for a few minutes.

Everything is fine, but one thing: If I use the shortcut function I get an Internal Server Error.
I read up about it at Typo3 sites. It is caused by a low memory limit.

PHP.ini writes that the limit is at 16 MB. This thread tells the same:

Now I want to know:

- Is there anybody using Typo3 with the same issue?
- Could you please increase the memory limit again?

If you are hosted on a remote or on you own PC try this. TOPIC 100 % memory prob solved
Thanks for your answer.

I will try it. But I am not shure if I unstand this right:

. I supose that is a large inconvenient for the host of that user... But dear beloved that are frihost users, you don't need this. If insted of 8388608 you get something like 112288608 there MUST be something wrong with your code.

Am I allowed to do this at frihost?

And isn't this only working if the server runs mop php instead of CGI?
he is hosted on frihost, and I think 16M should be enough. You should try to find out if there isn't a problem with typo (some wrong settings perhaps). And if you really need more for typo, you should start looking for some other software because I don't think Bondings will upper the limit.

Important notice about memory consumption

Currently there are parts in TYPO3 requiring more than the usual 8MB memory configured in the php.ini files of default installations. In many cases this is not at all a problem since that memorylimit is ignored unless support for it has been compiled into PHP (or if you are running PHP as CGI).

But the bottom line is - configure for at least 16 MB memory (we recommend to use 32 MB or even more).

We are always working on memory optimizations, but certain parts of TYPO3 will just require more than 8MB of memory.

I don't think we'll be able to get you the 32 MB recommended.. and honestly i think it's way more than a decent app should need.

Be Well Cool
Thanks for your answers.

I agree with you. It's much. But if you offer Typo3 (you can install it over CPanel) than it would be sad if it doesn't work.

At that point it would be interesting to hear if anybody else has got this problem. As far as I have used it, the rest worked fine.

If there is no other possibillity, I have to check out to do this function manually or to use Joomla instead of Typo3. But it wouldn't be the same.
so here is how you do... on your index pages site index and admin index.. i don't know typo3 dir structure .. so in your main indexes after <?php place
ini_set("memory_limit","35M"); is now harm for any server because is a temporary usage and is just for output init. i mean doesn't matter if on your site are connected 2 or 2000 users.. your host wont even notice So give it a go !!! Wink
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