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School Spirit Week

Did anybody have it when they were in High School. I am a Junior in HS now and we are having it this week. Our pep rally is tomorrow before the homecoming game and it is supposed to rain.
My high school had spirit week and pep rallies before the homecoming football game. My younger brother just went through it. I took him shopping for anything that was yellow, it was hilarious to seem him get so excited. I was excited about it 5 years ago but now I can hardly understand it. Everyone seemed so pumped about it and when it was over, people would go back to their isms and completely forget about the unity we all experienced for several days. On a side note, I always know when it's spirit week because of the bright colored paints that are left all over the shower tub from my younger brother. Razz
The school I went to was very spirited (in fact, it boasted about its school spirit, and it was apparently known for it), and we had rallies every Friday. Spirit Week was something that a lot of the active people at the school looked forward to--and it was up to the spirit commissioners to liven up the festivities. We had rallies for the start of every single sports season each year, too. I remember that one of the biggest events during Spirit Week was the rivalry between each grade level. Each would compete by decorating a hall of the school for a contest, and winners would be declared the ones with the most school spirit. Those were the days. =)

Odd thing was, we didn't really have homecoming--or, at least it wasn't called that.
Yeah we did, the only day I liked during Spirit Weak was crazy hair day.
Yeah, my high school had about 2 a year. Usually the best things are coming to school in your PJs or wearing head-to-toe school colors, etc. I can't remember them all, but most were pretty dumb.
Aless wrote:
Yeah, my high school had about 2 a year. Usually the best things are coming to school in your PJs or wearing head-to-toe school colors, etc. I can't remember them all, but most were pretty dumb.

I remember my High school had like Jersey/Sports Day Mismatch day They also had like a color wars day where each grade is assigned a color and they wear it to support the grade level they are in.
We've had two spirit weeks already this year, and every day between the two were different, except Friday, when everyone just wears their class colors for a pep rally. Being a freshman, it's rather... "interesting" to be at those rallies. >_>
Yeah, Homecoming Spirit Week. <33 We have PJ day (LOVE), Twin Day, Theme Day (we would dress up according to whatever the homecoming theme was), and Clash Day (it was so much fun) and of course Class Day, which ends up in a hihg school wide pep rally, everyone going all out for their grade. We get matching T-shirts, Cheers (even though the guys never learn these properly), we decorate a room according to theme and class color, and of course, the random games.

I'm not really a spirity person, but I tend to throw myself into Spirit Week, it's lots of fun. Smile
I dont think they have it in england because i personally have never heard of it.
Seems interesting though
We always had a pep rally before every HS football game. We would also have one before the start of every major sport season. We had them if any sports team would make the playoffs. Spirit Week was always fun. There where different theme days all the time but Friday was always class colors and which ever class won the "Spirit Stick" would get the pleasure of boasting about it until another FOM hit the ground. Those were the days...
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