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Climate in US

Hello. I'm in Cτte d'Ivoire. I'm planning to travers to us. So I want to know what's the weather like in each states. Here in Cote d'Ivoire the temperature is 28-37 °C. Is there a state where the temperature is similar ?
Well, the United States is rather big so there is a lot of diversity in the climate. I live in Southern California and the temperature is about the same as what you mentioned. It all really depends on when you travel. What time of the year will you be traveling here?
You can definitely get temperatures in Centigrade for the US, but I recommend familiarizing yourself with the conversion to Fahrenheit, which is more standardly used for temperature in the US.

Fahrenheit temperature = (Centigrade temperature * (9/5) ) + 32 ... 9/5 = 1.8
Centigrade temperature = (Fahrenheit temperature - 32) * (5/9) ... 5/9 ~ 0.56

The range you gave in Centigrade corresponds to a range of 82 to 98 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. These temperatures are typical of the southern half of the country during the summer months (June - September). During the winter months (December - March), these temperatures will only be found in the very southernmost parts of the country.

If you go here, you can actually click through months for the past few years to see the average high and low temperatures graphed across the United States:
As us is big so there is variation in climate from one
region to another is different
I assume you're talking year-around temperatures near that range. This is typical of a tropical climate. Most of the US has four distinct seasons with temperatures below freezing at some times of the year. Nevertheless you could visit most places on the East or West coast in the summer and find temperatures in that range.

If you're looking for a tropical climate, we do have those in Florida and some parts of California, but probably colder than the Ivory Coast in winter. For weather that most Americans consider unpleasantly hot and dry, you could try Arizona or New Mexico. Texas can give you either hot and dry or hot and wet.

Hawaii would be an interesting choice. It is truly tropical (about 20 degrees north), and with a generally pleasant climate with a huge variety of temperatures within a few miles. It is fairly expensive there. My impression is that almost everyone who visits would like to live there. The ones that can afford it often do, and they bid up the prices of everything.

As others have mentioned, there is a huge variety of climate in the US, and I'm sure few people would be able to give you accurate information about more than a small sample. If you're thinking of going with a tour group, I would suggest you check their itinerary and look up temperature information at the time of year for each section. Often going with a tour group is a good way to get some idea of an area, and will prepare you to plan your own more extended visit later.
America is very huge so variation in climate vary from one place to another.
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