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Heroes Season Two

No Spoilers Here!!

I've just caught up with this week's Season 2 opener, but I'm slightly disappointed with it. Especially when compared with last year's rollercoaster ride. Even the Hiro scenes were overlong.

Anyone else disappointed?
I have watched up to the latest episode of Heroes, I am hugely disappointed and bored. I don't think I will continue watching it anymore.

They are just trying to string a long viewers by not answering questions and acting all mysterious and thinking it's clever.

Lost sort of did this, but then Lost was great to watch so nobody minds the unanswered questions, they know they will be answered soon.

Heroes has disappointed me.
I guess that's why I like to watch series the whole season when all are completed and not per episod and had to wait for another episod to be shown. It is frustrating when the producer make us waiting for the whole season just to get some answer or when there are too many riddle or question that was left hanging....
I don't watch much, because in my home I don't have heroe's channel u_u Only in my sister's home. But when I see are so perfect. Claire is so cute, and the history is good.
I liked Heroes season one a lot. The finale kinda disappointed me. And now that season 2 is on, it's not too appealing either. The only story that I actually want to follow is of Peter and the Irish girl. The rest of them just are...bleh.
I am also disappointed of the season two coz there are so many unanswered questions that was left during season 1... There are a lot of conversation with few adventures or tweaks lately.. There are new faces also where the old characters were not given importance anymore... Hope on the next episode ....there will be a lot of interesting and lovable moments....
I agree. It's like they are trying to throw all this stuff in to make for a really big ending, but I'm wondering if that'll work Razz
Season 2 is definitely inferior to season 1 so far. I agree with whoever posted about watching the episodes one at a time. It's much better watching them seasons at a time instead of episode to episode. In season 2, it seems the only exciting part of the episodes are the 'cliffhangers' at the end (so far...)
I was apprehensive about watching the first season of heroes, but I gave in and ended up enjoying it pretty well - I'm a huge LOST fan and for some reason you like one or the other. I'm keeping up with season 2, as much as I currently dislike everything about it.

Why, you ask?

Kristen Bell - I don't where things are going with her. I know once I find out more about her, Im just going to be annoyed.

For that matter, all of the introduced characters - They're not that interesting, and their powers just get lamer and lamer. The brother and sister from mexico bother me the most. and the girl from Louisiana with the reflex memory was just like that one in 4400. The two shows are starting to resemble each other a little bit, ive heard, and Im not big on that.

Sylar needs to be around more, thats just my opinion, its not really important, I just like looking at Quinto and a minute or two an episode isnt cutting it.

Peter Petrelli still reminds me of Little Nicky.
What ever happened to Heroes? I used to watch this show a while ago and then I lost interest
i think this post is quite old lol...
I used to watch this serie but later became sooooo boring....
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