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Firefox basic question

Da Rossa
Hi men,
In the big entangled knowledgebase about Firefox it's rather difficult to find some specific issues... So please let me know:

1- Is it true that Firefox was designed to let the user do everything with the keyboard, I mean, are there hotkeys/combo keys for EVERY possible command/function?

2- regardless of the answer for question #1, what is the hotkey sequence to access the items in the 'closed tabs list' (the one you rightclick a tab, go to "closed tabs list" then point to one of the five most recent closed tabs)? How to access the last closed tab quicky if there is only one tab active, meaning that there is no tabbar to be rightclicked so I could access the last closed tabs list?

3- was I clear? Razz Thanks!
No. Firstly, you can only expect stock features to have shortcuts, third-party extensions have no requirement of offering keyboard shortcuts. I think you should install Tab Mix Plus if you haven't already. Also to re-open the last closed tab CTRL+SHIFT+T =) Also check the option to keep the tab bar even when no tabs are open. "Is that clear?" is a sore subject for me as one my professors repeats that phrase too much.
Da Rossa
Man, thanks so much. I already had TMP on... and this hotkey sequence is just handy!! Very Happy

But besides the extensions: does the so called "stock features" (does it mean "native" features? Sorry, Eng is not my native lang) so can I expect every built-in functionality to be triggered with a HK? Smile
Firefox like almost every application can be used with the keyboard exclusively... however that doesn't mean it is easy... especially for things like the recently closed tabs list you mention.

The answer by the way is to press: ALT+s to open the history menu then r, then select from the list using the arrow keys or first letter of the entry.

You might need to press r more than once if you have something else on your history that begins with 'r'.
Da Rossa
Nice tip.
However, this shortcuts list doesn't even get close to the completion, it's too general, for the more 'fundamental' commands. Do you know any other "unofficial" list? Smile
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