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The Best Snowboards

Just wondered what snowboard you will be riding this season?

here are the details for the top boarde of 07
Mervin MFG has is taking their Magne-Traction over the top this year. Combining this unique sidecut profile with top-quality components makes for a deck that tames icy terrain and sketchy slopes. The Riders Choice MTX's directional twin is ready to take on the entire mountain. The GNU team put all they had into testing and perfecting this board -

I have an old board from 10 years back with K2 bindings But it still works and the curve is atill in the board,so im still using it.
Some people I know upgrade every season with most of them preferring Nitro boards..
I'm still riding a 7 year old board. I have a Ride Ford model with ride baseless bindings. I cant justify getting a new one untill this one breaks.

I also still have a 12 year old Sims 161 that I use for just crusing around.

I will need to get some new boots this year by old burtons are all worne out. I can't wait untill the snow is here.
Some tech in the future of snowboards
Wood welding—a crazy new technology that is not only removing toxic materials and weight, but also creating stronger boards. Designed by scientists, the technique actually “welds” sheets of wood by vibrating them together at high pressure.
New materials are also helping make these new decks some of the slipperiest to date. Flow has added three new base materials that let riders focus more on jibbing than tuning through benefits like increased wax absorption.
Also the introduction of rubber sidewalls is playing out as a heavy-hitting solution for companies like Ride and Salomon. Just like your skate wheels, smoothes out the way your board interacts with the snow, wood, or metal surface you slide on.
I have my Ride Yukon, it's about 4 or 5 years old. I like it. maybe a bit too long for me. Now that I've had it for all this time. but I'm not gonna replace it unless I can find a shorter one with the same graphics. It's got Jengo Fett on it. 8 )
I use Burton Moto Si Boots with the matching Clip in Bindings. I broke part of the release tabs on the right binding, but i can still release it. So I'll be using these till I wear them out. I need to wax my board though. I live in the SE USA. and the closest slopes are up in North Carolina. and A lot of roots and stuff sticking out of the thin snow scratching up my board.
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