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booting problem with 6600GT AGP

i hav added a 6600GT AGP 128MB GDDR3 card to my pc but my pc is not booting up.
i only get a grey screen when thw monitor starts. and also no POST beep is heard . my smps is intex 400W on which it is stated that 220watts max configuration is P4 HT 3.06GHz ,512MB DDR400 ,biostar via chipset motherboard P4M800 M7A ver 7.0.

what can be the problem?

help me please Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Are you shure if the video card is working? Did you tried it on other machines. What was your last graphic card?
i was using onboard graphics previously.

i was thinking that my 6600gt is bad but when it shows the grey display in the monitor i think that it is not bad but its some other problem that is causing my system not to boot.

can anyone tell me how much power does 6600GT AGP 128MB GDDR3 uses.?
400W is more than enough assuming your PSU isn't a piece of crap. I haven't heard much about Intex. I'm running my 6600GT AGP on an Antec 380W.

I'm guessing your problem is related to your onboard graphics, which you might need to make sure is turned off so it doesn't conflict. Look at your motherboard manual.
u can call my intex psu a crap as on the psu its written that 220watts max output.but on the box its written INTEX 400W Confused

help me.
Another possibility is that you installed it wrong. For instance, you could have forgotten to plug in the power connector.
no i have plugged the connector also while installing but it does not boot up.
Did you figure out if it's your onboard yet?
It is possible that you need to disable the onboard graphics via the BIOS first. You could try to plug the monitor in the onboard graphics card and see if that works.
i hav tried each and every method earlier itself that u all r posting....
can anyone give me any suggestion about zebronics psu. which is better? i dont want to spend more than 20$ or 800Rupees for this . Confused
Ok first try taking out the card and going into bios. go to video options or similar. their should be an option somewhere whether gfx goes to onboard or AGP/PCI. Make sure it is set to agp. Save and exit. Turn off your computer and install the card. Make sure you plug it in hard because if its even the slightest bit loose there is a chance it will cause problems similar to what you haev sugessted.
i hav tried ur method earlier itself.isnt there anybody who can help me to solve this problem. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
If you have already tried the steps mentoned above, do you have another vdeo card kicking around that you could throw in the system to test? Or Could you throw that video card into another pc to test the card itself?
its no use becoz its my first video card.i was using onboard before. and i didn't got any other pc with better psu and agp slot.i got one of my friend's pc with agp slot but he is saying that he will not risk opening his pc case as the card might damage his pc.only 1 chance and that too gone Sad Sad Sad Sad
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