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Photoshop Attempts

I recently got Photoshop, and I want to know what everyone thinks of some of my works so far (I have had it for a week...)

None are using brushes, and all are entirely original. Very Happy
Nice work. I'd visit your site, but .tk sites don't work for me. Sad
Nice attempts, especially since you've used it only for a week.

keep doing more. Cool
My site is also

Thanks for the compliments.
psycosquirrel wrote:
I recently got Photoshop, and I want to know what everyone thinks of some of my works so far (I have had it for a week...)

None are using brushes, and all are entirely original. Very Happy

are you Homemade?
Wah I wonder how you do for made this with Photoshop, I've still so much to learn !
I think I prefer the middle one..
It's dark and forces more emphasis on the lighter colours used.
Great work. I wish I could to learn something like that but I just don't have the time to.
All simple yet effective banners. Good Job!
Simple, though you still have a some way to go. Learn form and color theory next. If you need some reference sites, feel free to PM. You have potential, it seems you got the idea of how to use filters correctly. Start experimenting by looking at other peoples work and references. Though please, learn color and composition. Take your time as well, art should have no time limit and no boundries.
The Female Legend
toooo simple but thats okay
They look pretty good. However, they remind me too much of random tutorial useage. But maybe you didn't use tutorials. If that's the case, then very impressive.
there nice man, a little simple but i think the look nice.
I want to know how you did the third one. It looks awesome, not to say that I can even begin to try to do your other ones xD. I wish I was that proficient at Photoshop ...
mines like this

Red Eyes
Hey Those Arnt Bad...I Mean Whenever I Try LoL It Never Comes Out As Good..Just Keep It Up And I Bet You Will Get Better...I Like The 3rd One The Best!
Pretty Good! I like it.. Wink

I would suggest, it should be more glossy.. I think it will be more good if you do so.. Idea
I love all of them but I like the 3rd the best. It's amazing that you've only had photoshop for a week.
There excellent pictures im doing some photohshop tutorials at the moment im a beginner.
Blackout Angel
hey dude, they are not bad. and also i like to say is that, your site is amazing dude!
Those are really nice...I really like the first one.
got bored...
well done
You seem to have a solid grasp of composition and contrast. I really like the first one ^_^

for a new learner,it's good enough
that pretty nice not my style but still nice
Impressing for just one week experience.
The second one is my favorite.
The first is so "pixelized" Laughing
The third...dunno how to critisize looks a little bit.."cheap".
I relly like your texture. You must be good at photoshop to be able to produce this kind of work in a week. I have used photoshop in the past and also illustrator. I can't decide which is better.

Nice work. Really nice colors and textures. [b]Very Happy [/b] Very Happy

wow i wouldnt call so an attempt those are awesome how did you learn to use it cus i want to go there. those are awesome esoecially for one week.

P.S. please pm were you learned

(if you want to see an attempt look at my sig.)
I did not "learn" from anywhere... I simply experimented a lot.

The first one was a combination of Difference clouds (White and black) then with white and blue difference clouds layered over (I made the white transparent), then I merged them, did the tile thing, then sharpened it several times... Lastly, I did some sort of blur (I think; this is from memory) to get it to be scrambled a bit. Add the text, and you're done...

I forgot how I did the second one, and I think the third one was using only gradients that I added with diference mode.

Jon, try experimenting more. I have found that following tutorials is usually... worthless... Unless you want to copy someone else... Instead of tutorials, I usually just mess with everything. One thing I noticed you could improve with your sig is text; try going to Layer>Layer Style> and adding things such as glows, bevels, etc.

Thanks again for all the positave feedback on everything Very Happy
Cool stuff, cool to see another CS fan too!
i try experimenting more it just seems like mine never work out but thanks for the help ill practice

I really like your 3rd one i think that looks really cool.
Everytime I start up with a application like Photoshop it ends up with a mess Laughing

2D is not my workplace.
3D is my favorite place and new home. Wink
you are in the good way! continue!!!
hola muchas fracias por unirte a nuestra pagina web espero puedas disfrutar de todo lo que se encuentra.
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