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outsource or contact"web interface designer"

Copying and Pasting without quote tags is against the forum rules wrote:
Since it is obvious that the future of Web design and development lies in "Outsourcing".I've also decided to look in that direction.At least to save me the burden of overworking myself.

I require creative and experienced web interface designers that i can outsource the visual interface design of some of website projects to handle.

My Basic Expectations & Your Deliverables:
a. Visual web interface design using photoshop or fireworks
b. Graphic Banners & icon design
c. Integration into Web Authoring tool (Dreamweaver)

Basically the core software proficiencies required are:
a. Adobe photoshop / Imageready
b. Macromedia Fireworks
c. Macromedia Dreamweaver for Page layout and Wireframing.

Regarding Location & Proximity:
a. Honestly that doesn't really count,since projects can be done remotely.
b. However if you stay in lagos,that would make things a lot easier.
c. If you reside in lagos but don't have a suitable working environment,I've got spare machines and broadband internet access in my office.

Your Professional Fee & Renumeration
a. This may largely be determined by the total value of the Web projects but i'll do my best to encourage you.
b. In case if the project is a second or third party outsourced job,then expectations will directly be proportional to our renumeration.
c. If i provide you with a machine(notebook) to work remotely,you will certainly "be sub-charged" (just kidding)

If you are interested then let me hear from you "ASAP" we have a couple of projects on hold due to this.

My email address is jossylala[at]gmail[dot]com or admin[dot]joscityweb[at] for reading.make ur comments.
This really has nothing to do with domain names. You have also blatantly copied and pasted an article without using quote tags as required by the Forum Rules.

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