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i want to study

hi!every one,i wud like to study abraod.i am frm nigeria and i wud like to study somewhere else.pls help.
As you obviously have access to the internet I would recommend that you study that way - it's a lot cheaper and can be done in your free time. There is plenty of information out there. You can start by looking at - it's free!
inti international university of malaysia has some nigerian study-abroad students...
I apologize if I'm mistaken...

I don't think you're from Nigeria. You appear to be either a native English speaker or someone who's very comfortable with English. Your typos resemble those made by people who are too lazy to type rather those who are struggling with English. If you wish to pose as a prospective foreign exchange student in the future, please consider varying your grammar structure so that it sounds more awkward.
hi!every one,i wud like to study abraod.i am frm nigeria and i wud like to study somewhere else.pls help.
No study for you until you learn how to spell decently. Nobody will accept this in an academic environment. Regardless of whether you're doing it on purpose (as the post above suggests) or not.
jossylala wrote:
hi!every one,i wud like to study abraod.i am frm nigeria and i wud like to study somewhere else.pls help.

study is a best habit and the need of the hour.if u wana study abroad then first of all prefer to ur homeland as it is very difficult to live and study in any abroad country.above all this if u think urself to be quite willingness to be go abroad ur previous record should be well.then i suggest u to go to and search by the key words s below.
"study abrod on scholarship basis"
"online degree programme"etc. Smile Smile

India is one of the better places to take education. However you also have options across world in other countries like Singapore, Australia, US, UK, Germany, etc

I assume that you are bright in ur studies. So make up the course that you want to pursue. Then look out for best universities in the countries which offer specialized courses. Apply for some of the universites, so that if one university lets u down, the other may give hand.

These countries have better universitites and faculties and it is worth if you are gonna graduate from a reputed university.

Happy Reading...

All the best for your Future !!!
I agree with loryl, you are obviously a native English speaker. I don't know why you would lie about it, seems really odd. Your grammar structure is way too accurate for someone who is just learning English. I call shenanigans.
In terms of IT, india is the best. But quality in the philippines too is great because we have universities here. and most of us are native english speakers
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