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What's the most important thing?

what is more important?
 5%  [ 2 ]
 52%  [ 21 ]
 25%  [ 10 ]
 5%  [ 2 ]
 12%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 40


I think the LOVE is all That we do all for.
Money and power all for love and to keep the ppl we love around.
Freedom without a doubt. Without freedom the others are meaningless.
Defintely LOVE. Life without love is meaningless. Love is the most priceless thing you can have, it cannot be bought, it cannot be sold. Love is the most powerful medicine, it can cure any ailment.

The others are all important, just not in the same league.
Yep, love forever! Without love but with freedom, people will harm each other.
I might seem greedy, but I have chosen money.
I really think though that Love is very important, Freedom makes us feel good, Health is important so we can enjoy everything to the fullest and a loving family is something worth living for.
So why have I chosen money?

Because with money I can have all of these things in that poll (or atleast an illusion of them)...
All the options are very tightly interlinked. You need health to get wealth and love doesn't come cheap, I mean you can get love even when you are broke but at the end of the day you do need money to feed yourself and your love. And if you don't have freedom well all the above mentioned things are useless.

But that leaves family out and thats my selection and if you think why then the answer is that
you family will stand by you when u loose the one or all of the above stated options.
agreed, love is by far the most important. Love is what makes life worth living.
I thing that the money is the most important thing. Without money you can't have freedom, love, health, family. It's really scary if you have no money.
all ya need is love....all ya need is looovvee looovveee

love is all ya need Wink
But then again, freedom is love. So by answering freedom, I also answer love. But "love" alone can be binding passionate, and therefore not free.
And money can't be eaten, and is pretty much useless in any terms of actual use. It's just a symbol.
money is useless especialy if your in america iv heard you can no longer excahnge your money for gold bars, so if there was a crash with the bank system money would be useless, and love is the ultimate power nothing can beat love so i went for love, and even if you dont have freedom love can be a source of freedom to escape any troubles because love can over come anything.
Love is important. Rest of them are useless if there is no love.
Of those, I must say either love or freedom.
Both, for me, will be on of the most important things.

If I have to choose one of them, I would say love, though I can't really imagine what it is like without either of them.

Talking about love,
have any of you seen this?

The first one is the original one, with a quite touchy story behind Smile
The other one is made for an aids campaign.
Freedom probably, as I can think of cases in which any of the others was given up for freedom.
(Although it is conceivable that some would give up freedom for love, personally I'm very emotionally independent, and I don't see such a need for love.)
I actually have voted for FREEDOM ...
therez nothing like freedom ... and it should have the 1st priority ..
then love money etc

love will automatically come to u if u have money Smile
theem wrote:

love will automatically come to u if u have money Smile

Sad, but all to often true, then automatically after love comes family...
Love seems like the basis or origin of many things, however it can quickly change to anything else. Money could be the basis for love or power, power could be the basis to receive money and power leading to love. Any of these things leading to a family. You need not even feel the emotions associated with love to be able to purchase or otherwise attain it. And you can even do the same to receive a family. Unfortunately this is the truth of our world and will remain so for all time I believe.

However, I do wish that Love were the sole purpose of all things we do. For in such we may become more involved in the tasks we are associated with, rather then a half hearted attempt at most of our daily routine. Negligent to all things around us in a state of blissful ignorance.
It was a toss up between Love, Freedom and Family. I decided that without love, family and freedom is useless. I think the foundation of any strong, united family is love. And without love, what would you do with your freedom?
All you need is health, and yes some of you might look at this and say, "he's stuiped that things that", but what good is love if you don't feel well?

For me to feel good, and be in good health I need love, my family, some cash and so on.. that's just the topic for those other options.
must be love and freedom i think. Without freedom, we are not belonged to ourselves anymore, maybe just a tool of somebody or country. Just see the people in prison, why every country has the same punishment ? it's because it can take away the most important element in our lives. And love, without love, what are we ...... i am not the kind that i wanna mean love is so great that we should love everyone. But if we don't love, or lack of love, to the people around us, we are no longer part of the society, family.... we are alone. i think i cannot stand loneliness in my life.
It is family and love. Without family I would be no where. Family is love and love is family.
id say love, but family also comes into that aswell.

and u need the freedom to love, so i guess u can't really choose, some of them rely on the other ones being true.
Love is more important and stronger than any material you can give to or receive from another person.
I will vote for freedom... That's what matters.
I think that the most important thing is definitely HEALTH! What’s the use of anything else if you or people you love are not healthy? After that, I vote for love and freedom.
love definitely, it's the center of all things. but all of them are related. you cannot separate one from the other.
I agree with what you said. For anything we need love. Without we cannot earn anything.
we need love to love the money and need to love to love the family

so love always dominates each and everything in this world
I voted for Freedom because like some other wrote here in this thread,

"Freedom probably, as I can think of cases in which any of the others was given up for freedom.
(Although it is conceivable that some would give up freedom for love, personally I'm very emotionally independent, and I don't see such a need for love.)"


"Freedom without a doubt. Without freedom the others are meaningless."

Freedom is the most important!
Without freedom, life is meaningless!
I think money is the most important thing to me at this stage.
Money is all I need atm
Out of those five (poorly defined) concepts I'd probably go for health, on the logical assumption it includes mental health. Without a mind to enjoy anything else, there's no point having them. Furthermore, you need at least some physical health to make use of any of the others.
I say freedom. You gotta be able to choose what you do with your life. And without freedom, love could be quite moot.
Neither of those
The most important thing is to do what you feel is right, and to feel alive.
i choose all... ..
All were equally important...

Striking a balance between all these makes life beautiful
I have chosen Health also because you can have all the above but if you are so sick or dying how would you enjoy it?
If you have your health anything is possible.
I would say love. With love comes the feeling of importance as well as the need to keep yourself and the people you love in good condition, hence maintaining your health for them, or watching over their health and helping them.

With love as well, can people really benefit from relationships. What is a family without love? We see too many get broken up. If there's no love to hold your family together, what you get are just people who are forcibly held together by bloodlines, and would otherwise wish the other get run over by a truck.

If there is love for what you do, you could possibly live with the income it manages to bring you, be it an art where the market is small, or a business where your economics thrives.

Love isn't just with a sexual partner. Love is the strong emotion of need, want, and care regarding a subject.

Freedom isn't everything too. A free country, and I see a lot of feelings being trampled upon. It's almost as though half the world (thanks to america's freedom preachers) don't believe in self restrains where it could help save a feeling from being hurt. Everyone is just I, my, me in wanting their opinion/sexuality/problem being known. How does this breed a real community? Everyone's been looking out for themselves so much that no one really cares to look out for others anymore.

As an asian, I really believe that being able to tell when and where a freedom is deserved is a very good quality in a person. A cogwheel deciding that it's had enough, breaks down the whole clockwork. For selfish freedom.

I think really good leaders understand this. Sometimes there can be far too much at stake, and the price of freedom is too high. If you don't keep thinking about it, it's really fine. Like guys unable to crossdress in public. If you can do it at home, and be content with it, there's really no reason to start a commotion and a lot of ruckus by wearing them outside. If people don''t want to see it, they have their reasons too. Some problems with restrictions could be worked around. Not forced out....

Sorry if the last part was abit oot.
I said love. Certainly not because I'm a romantic, but because that's what all the important stuf fis founded on.
You don't have much of a family without love. You can't really be free without it, and you won't be healthy without it.
Money doesn't really matter (which is easy to say now that I have a job lol) and I'm not sure we are really in control over our health, in spite of what we think (we will all get sick, and we will all die, regardless)
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