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HELP!!!! My computer keeps rebooting over and over again.

Crying or Very sad Whaaaaa#$%$#@ I don't know what happend..
Today i turned on my computer, and everything was normal. Then i went out for awile and turned of my screen only. When i got back i turned the screen on again and i had black screen and on top of the screen it said press a key to reboot. I Turned of my computer and on again, but the when loading windows xp the screen flashes blue like a milisecond and then start rebooting, then the screen comes up and i try safe mode,it starts loading but when it's almost done the same thing happend, so windows doesn't boot.. After trying a lot of things, including booting from xp cd and trying to recover windows, i can't acces the disk. I get c:/ but when i type dir/ it says it has a problem with directories.
Then i thought, what the hell, and i wanted to put windows on my second disk, and then take everything i need from the damaged disk and the format it and start over again, but windows wouldn't even install on another disk because of the c drive, it said it was not formated or there was another problem, so my options were to either skip instalation or format my c: partition.. Crying or Very sad I didn't want to do that, so i exit the install and turned of my computer.
I have kids,and they have a computer also, so i thought: well i put my disk in their computer as a slave and then get my stuff from the disk right? So i did install the drive in their computer and turned on the computer, when loading windows i got a message, my second disk had errors and scandisk started fixing problems on that disk, i hoped this would solve the problem, but after it was fininshed the computer rebooted..
Then same thing happend to my kids computer also Confused A blue flash and rebooting again... AAAARGGHHHHHHHH Evil or Very Mad So then i freaked out, took out my disk again and rebooted the kids computer... it was the same problem on their computer also, it reboots in a loop and now i have 2 computers that wont boot anymore.
So does anyone recognise this or does anyone know what the problem is here, or better yet, how to solve this.. Right now i'm on my laptop, and hope someone can help me out here.. I do know a lot about computers, but i guess this is a agressive virus of some kind, i think this because it did something to the windows on my kids computer also. I wouldn't mind formatting the drive, but there are a lot of important documents and other things that i want to backup, before i format the disk.
So i hope anyone on this forum can help out.
I can work on my laptop, but i want to access my computer..
lots of people seem to have that problem;en-us;885523

might help if not (a thread on a site with a similar problem)

You could help us to help you by posting

Computer Specs
(Like specificly, what hard drive are you using (IDE or SATA), how big is your power supply (350w?), what hardware you have installed, how many fans your computer has)
Ok if you press F8 during boot and get to the screen were you can choose safe mode and all ther should be a option to disable auto reboot this will allow you to read the error. IF its a missing file or checksum simply boot using ur xp cd and copy over the file that is crrupt . To do this you will ned to go into the recover console and copy the file from cd to harddrive
Well i have 2 case fans, a fan on my videocard, and ofcourse a good one on my processor. All clean and dustfree. tempature also low
my harddrive is a maxtor 60gb ide
ram 1024mb pc3200/400
Processor athlonxp 1800+@2000mhz
Then again, i usually never had any problems with my computer till yesterday, that's why i was thinking about a virus.
It seems that a virus from the zotob family (according to norman av), give similar problems and also sp2 seems to be buggy when i read other forums and sites. It could be one of the above, cuz i read about sp2, installing went fine but problem occured when installing updates after sp2 has installed. So it's been like 2 weeks or so that i installed sp2, and during the last 2 weeks it also installed updates. So i don't know if that could be the problem.
Right now i formatted my kids computer and reinstalled windows, then i installed norman virus control.
After that i placed my other infected drive back in the kids computer again and yessssss their computer booted normally, wich allowed me to acces the things i wanted to keep and i made a backup of my important files. Right now norman is still scanning my disk and found nothing sofar, but it's far from finished so i keep you posted if it finds something or not.
I hope norman will find something and hope he'll fix it also.
If no virusses are found, i will try that other option, to disable auto reboot and try to find out what is causing the problem, so both of you thanks for the input and i hope it can be fixed now.
But lucky for me, i have the files i wanted, so if nothing will work, i will reinstall windows on my drive also and i won't install sp2 this time.
stay tuned..
one thing to watch out for is if you are using a burned copy of XP / SP 2 (or an otherwise illegal copy)

as it might just be a flaw with that copy of windows when using SP2...

(or an error on the windows disk if you are installing SP2 from CD)

(or a corrupt file if you downloaded SP2)

or a virus

lots of different things it "could" be sadly..

glad you got your files at least thats something... in the future make regular back ups of important files so if something goes wrong you can re-install windows with out much hassle.
Repair using windows xp disc. *Original*. Boot it from Cd. I guess it will fix the problem.
Well It happend with my friends computer running Windows XP (with SP2) I tried to fix it. I changed his RAM and the system started working fine. No more reboot
Now thats a good problem. I have never faced it before, (and never want to face it again!). I don't know that to do. Microsoft can help you with it. Just hop on to their website. I think that your hard disk must be crashing. When it can't spin, it tries to reboot the computer and spin again, I think it must be failing.....

Dunno what to do. TRAPPED.
i had this problem when a ram chip got burned out. but that does not seem to be the case. since you have taken the backup, the best thing to do is format. sounds like some kind of virus or something. or maybe you or any program you installed made some change in the core files or registry.
but that doesnt explain why its happeneing on the 2nd computer.
best of luck anyway.
but here is a tip
there are quite a few linux flavours like demo linux which need not be installed to hard disk. you can use it if you face such problem and need to take backup of important data.
hope that would be useful
Ok Here's i think what happend or to fix future errors.
First of all sp2 has a few things that might has caused the problem, but then again why did it also happen on that other computer right? The other one has also xp only with sp1. But after i reinstalled windows on the other computer he booted with my drive installed as slave, only thing was there were some errors and he fixed it, well that's what message i got.
After a scan with norman he didn't found any virus at all.
So then i tried something else i unplugged my other drives and only booted with my "infected"drive. Then tried to boot windows.. It worked, except for one thing.. I got a message wich told me my profile was corrupted or damaged and it could'nt load my profile, it said i had a temporary profile and all changes would be gone after reboot.. so i got a new desktop, and all icons were gone except for the standard ones. Then i went to config/profiles/ and tried to work on my profile to see what was wrong, but nothing to see so i rebooted my computer and again i got the same message about the damaged or corrupted profile, so then i tried systemrecovery and put the config back for 1 day.
Well it took 15 minutes but then it booted fine and everything was back to normal.
So i didnt have to reinstall windows and i still have sp2 running fine.
But there was an article somewhere and it said that when something like booting in a loop happens, just turn off the computer, but not only turn it off, also unplug the powercord for 3 minutes, then try again.
It might sound strange, but when i first had that problem i didnt try that, and i turned it off with the powerswitch on the back of my computer, but it is not off completely cause there was still a led green on my mainboard.
Same thing with my other computer wich i used for trying out my drive.
So after i took my drive out i also didnt plug out the powercord and same thing happend to that other computer. Well after reinstalling windows and putting my disk in it again it should have happend again i assume, but it didnt, so maybe the story about the powercord might be true.
So if anyone has a similair problem, try to unplug the powercord for 3 minutes and try again. It might help.
I'm glad i got it working again, and thank you all for the extra input!
iv had an error on my system before which kept restarting itself i dont know if this is the same as what is happening to you system but this may help.

i had a message appear and it would count down and then restart my computer

the way i tackled this problem was, i...
click run from the start menu and type "shutdown -a" (without the speach marks)
then click ok
this stops the computer from shuting down

go onto and download a ms blast remover from the site and run it

this should remove the virus if this is the case that is making the system restart

hope this helps
Maybe a batch file with shutdown -s is in your startup folder or in the registry startup...
Gerardus.. It would also be better to tell us what did you do before the problem arised.

Anyway.. You could have messed up your registry?

Also.. Dont install Sp2. Sp1 would be great enough..
did you change the boot screen, because that seems to cause problems. or you have a virus. try using a virus scanner
I had faced this same problem some time before. In my case, the problem was that cpu was getting overheated and the heatsink was not mounted properly.

Also check whether your ram speed is compatible with your cpu speed and the bios settings.

Hope this helps.
waiteck wrote:
Also.. Dont install Sp2. Sp1 would be great enough..


theres no way you actually meant that!
May be ur RAM module is faulty, try changing it with ur kids comp RAM or may be ur RAM slot cud also be faulty.

In my case it was the problem with faulty SMPS, u can get it checked also or there might be lot of dust in ur cabinet which might be hampering the proper functioning of ur proccy.

And after u do a fresh install, dont forget to load winXP SP2
This is a wierd problem and its made worse because of something that Windows XP introduced "reboot on errors". This is where the whole reboot loop occurs. You have a problem, but you can't fix it because somebody at Microsoft decided that rebooting fixes most things. You can turn this "feature" off by right clicking your mouse on "My Computer" and choosing "Properties". Once done, you can then select the "Advanced" tab and click on the button marked "Settings" in the "Startup and Recovery" section. This will pop up another window. Uncheck the selection "Automatically restart" under "System Failure". Click okay on everything and you won't have this porblem again. There will still be some crashed that cause a reboot, but mostly, you'll be presented with XP's version of the BSOD (Blue Screen f Death) which you can then attempt to understand the cryptic error listed. Then, at least, you'll have something to Google for.

If the problem is RAM, you might want to test it with Memtest86, which is a ram stress tester. It will show you if there are any errors in accessing your ram (run it overnight to get a good trend going). Its available for a floppy, but many Linux distributions and some BSD variants have the utility as a choice on the boot cd as well.

When this problem occurred for me, it turned out being bad RAM. Sometimes a bad power supply can cause this as well. Usually overheating causes freezing more than reboots.

As far as SP2 goes, I think its a good idea to have it installed, as Microsoft won't allow you to use Windows Update without it in the near future (and its just dumb not to). I had a problem when I installed it over all the other little updates in the 2 years leading up to this service pack. But, when I decided to repartition my hard drive differently (I quad-boot right now, a bit of an OS freak, I guess), I backed up my files and wiped the partition clean. A fresh install with SP2 has been as stable as Windows can be on my machine.

Good luck and post what works.
hi all,
Funny, i keep getting replies to my post, even when i told everyone i got it working again. Still it's a good help for others who have the same problem, but some replies couldnt be applied in my case as i told before windows didn't boot at all. Even in recovery mode i couldnt reach my c drive anymore in a proper way. It was not a virus also cause nothing was found when i scanned afterwards, and about screwing up my registry or anything, i didnt do anything, i just booted my computer and everything was ok, then i went out for awile and just turned off my screen. When i got back i turned on the screen and there should be my desktop, i use no screensaver at all, but my screen was black and said i had to reboot my computer. i may have had msn on when i left, but not sure, but if so, it was the only program online besides my antivirus program and antispyware programs. Maybe msn has something to do with it. Anyways my computer is back to normal without any loss of data so im happy.
So i guess thistopic can be closed. Wink
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