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Need Suggestions for Halloween Costume

Hi, all! I'm going to a Halloween party this coming weekend and I need some ideas for a costume. Each couple who is invited is being requested to wear a "couple" costume. You know, like Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner, or Betty and Barney Rubble. Very Happy Very Happy

Usually I think these things are a little dumb, but there are some really cool prizes and I wouldn't mind making a good showing!

Any ideas?
I usually go to this site for all my halloween needs. They have alot of stuff, the shipping is fast and the prices are good as well..
The first couple I could think of was Frankenstein and his bride, or Tarzan and Jane, or any other couple you may like. The only problem is to get good costumes in time I guess, good lick with whatever you chose
****** and balls
peter pan and wendy
chucky and the bride of chucky

three definite winners
brilliantbeauty >> Departments >> Adult>> Costumes has some great ones!

Otherwise, you could make your own and do something elaborate and historical. Smile
I'm doin' the same thing this year, not by request, just cause I'm weird...

he's going to be an escaped convict (brite orange jail suite/tatoos/hand cuffs/gun)
and I got me a jailbait costume: [img][/img]

or you can do super hero combos ... like batman and bat girl..or cat woman...

super man and wonder woman....

cat and mouse....

zombie groom/bride

bonnie n clide

romeo and julliete........

there's a ton of stuff you can do...

one of you a devil the other an angel.....

have fun with it1 and happy halloween to all~ Twisted Evil
not sure if youre into family guy, lol, but you could go as Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin.
If it's to late to make or buy a costume why not go as Adam and Eve?
Just fill your mouth with custard and go as a pimple.
Go pool boy for playboy manchine and hot sexy playboy babe. Smile
i was actually a swat team member for halloween. there were about 100 of us all dressed in swat gear and it was awesome. i had the walkie talkie, the belts and gear and gun and face paint and hat and everything. boots and other things, it was so much fun. we went to a corn field maze and we went through a haunted house and we did all kinds of fun stuff. lots of people there, it costed like 25 dollars. there were really good costumes. the workers there got dressed up really well and high detail. they did all sorts of fun stuff!!!!!! it's called field of scream. i suggest you guys go do something awesome for halloween. it's the best time ever~ Wink
just go with your face head on..nah, just joking..hmm..try peter pan and wendy:D ..
I just have a question about halloween costumes. You know those masks that fit around your entire head? The more common kind of mask is the mask that just covers your face, with no back, and just a string, or a piece of elastic to keep it there, but I'm talking about the type of mask that you actually have to pull over your head.

How do these work? Is it easy or difficult to breathe? And how do they come off?
Pirate. It's easy enough - get a suit, lose the jacket, loosen a few buttons, undo the wrist buttons, tuck your pants into your high socks, fake sword, bandanna on your head, eye patch - boom, pirate. I made myself a pirate in about 10 minutes with no pre-thinking about it.
Excellent suggestions, everyone!

I'm going as a fairy princess and my partner is a frog prince. hehehe

He resisted but I insisted. LOL.
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