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Kimi Raikkonen - Champion!

This was indeed the most impossible result and I must say, I was shocked at Hamilton's terrible performance.

Alonso was also a bad team mate.

I mean, he blocked Hamilton so many times this season!
Raikkonens performance for the past few months had been just incredible. He had steadily been eating away at Hamiltons lead, to eventually take him in the last race, winning by just one point. Amazing.

I think Hamilton lost the championship when he dropped back to eighteenth (i believe it was 18th, correct me if i'm wrong). He was never going to get to fifth with the amount of people who were in front of him, but he made some superb overtaking moves to get to seventh.

Alonso was never going to win, the two Ferraris were just too fast, and his driving was pretty bad throughout most of the race. And i find it hard to believe he would have just let Hamilton through if Raikkonen had have crashed, after what had been happening in the news. Too much bad feeling there i feel.

But a great race. Three people all who had a chance of winning fighting to get enough points to win, for it then to be won by the underdog of the three. A great race right to the end.
Great race indeed guys Wink
Raikkones performance for the last months were great, he deserved to win the shampionship.
I was planning on watching the race, but my mother was watching lifetime on the only tv with SPEED on it.

Anyway I was glad to hear that Kimi won it, and a little shocked too.
Congrats to Kimi Raikkonen! Im so glad he won it over Hamilton!
kimi is the rightfull winner of the F1 2007

for hamelton .. to bad u will get over 10 shots more in ure career:)
For me doesnt matter if Alonso ou kimi wins, I want Hamminton to lose.
McLaren wasnt a good team at this year, they've made a lot of irregularity and they try to use Alonso to make Hamminton win, not fair.
by the way, Im happy that Kimmi wins, and even happier because it was in Brazil! \o/.
Next year im going to Interlagos! Very Happy
It all seemed a bit suss to me,mc claren steal ferraris documents and get found out,the team loses its points but the drivers dont? of course if they did the formula one season would be over in an instant,so they need to keep interest in the remaining races,so they do a deal whereby mcclaren allow rakkonien to win.

Hamilton who had been steady all season and looking the winner with 2 races to go,goes off in the first race and then drives stupidly at the start of the last race,not only that he gets brought in for 3 pitstops,again if they wanted him to win they would of 2 stopped like everyone else.

And last but not least, before the race bernie eccleston was asked who he thinks will win and who does he want to win the championship,and he said rakkonien,the least likely to win but he predicted it anyway.

Puppetmaster eccleston got it spot on,suprisingly.
Kim got the chequered flag, end of story
Hamilton should have won..
poly wrote:
Hamilton should have won..

but Hamilton didnt win Razz
I don't like Hamilton, as Mc Laren so this is a good news! I hope than Renault's cars will run faster next year...
ferrai rulez and kimi had to win...
alonso need to get his ass wiped nxt season also...
I was always a ferrari's fan. I am glad that somebody can be like Michael Sumacher. That man was kicking. I realy liked that guy.
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