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Real Money In the Marketplace

I hope this was not previously suggested nor violating the rules of this thread. Correct me if I am wrong in anything I have stated in this thread. Please also make me feel retarded if I am completely contradicting myself; letting me know that this is already allowed in the Marketplace.

The question I have for you is: "Why would it not be a good suggestion?"

My reasons for suggesting this, however, are:
    Some people might be willing to pay money instead of FRIH$
    Designers feel that what they are doing is actually paying off
    Users who do not have enough FRIH$ benefit

Many other forums already established this concept and as well already have made a success with it too! An example would be I am aware of the fact that, yes, that is a MySpace forum for MSRS (MySpace Resoure Site) owners to purchase graphics to put on their website. However, it would be an even better idea for this forum for those who need help with PHP coding, scripting, web designing, help with other things, etc.

Not only would this be popular, the forum could also benefit from it too. MySpace Pros require it's users to pay $5.00 to post new topics. FriHost would gain a new source of revenue! I would not suggest this until people tried it out and it became successful.

On a side note: today I visited the "Marketplace" sub-forum and I didn't actually know that all you could sell for was FRIH$. I think this would be useful to some people, maybe... both webmasters and visitors to websites!

Please tell me your opinions, constructive criticism, and your two sense would be nice!

Thank you all who read this, I'm glad to know you were interested! Smile
I have checked the forum rules and I cannot see anything which says you cannot suggest this, but I do have a few queries.

My first query is this part of your post:

melissareich wrote:
Not only would this be popular, the forum could also benefit from it too. MySpace Pros require it's users to pay $5.00 to post new topics. FriHost would gain a new source of revenue!

The reason most people use Frihost is because it is free. But implementing your payment idea (of however much money) means Frihost no longer becomes free, as you are forcing people to pay to post, and therefore to be hosted. If this was to happen, a large majority of people here would leave.

The second query is the feeling it would create. People who offer money for things in the m/place will be more likely to get entries than those who only offer frihs. Similarly, somebody may only wish to pay frihs for something in the m/place(which is perfectly reasonable), when the winner expects to be paid money. This generates bad feeling Evil or Very Mad between members, and ruins the community feeling Frihost tries to create.

I hope you see my point.
melissareich wrote:

MySpace Pros require it's users to pay $5.00 to post new topics. FriHost would gain a new source of revenue!

While this would be a way to reduce the number of threads, it may scare people away, and cause them to make simple store fronts on their hosting accounts instead.
Thanks for responding! I see both of your points!

Just thought it was a good idea. On another forum, they actually have 2 separate marketplaces, one for buying with points, and one for buying with real money.

I was only implementing the $5.00 suggest to say how other forums do it. Some forums don't require you to pay before posting; I think does to ensure that what people are going to sell is quality; not just for the heck of it!

I would love to see this happen as I would consider paying people to help me with PHP/other stuff. I really think money is better than points.

However, I still see where both of you are coming from, thanks for your time! Smile
I agree with ocalhoun and Genesiz. This is a free host and people are here becouse it's free. It doesn't fit to have a market place with real money. I also think it can be problem becouse there is people from all around the world with different pay system.

If you really want to pay someone to do something why not go to another forum and ask there?
Yeah I see where you're coming from!

Oh well, it was only a suggestion Smile
Perhaps a market more separate from the forums?
I'm thinking of either a massive shared storefront (somewhat like e-bay, but with set prices, not auctions) or lots of little pages (one for each user) that accessible from profile pages where users can sell things for real cash.

The only thing I would worry about is the possible spam loads that would come from many users advertising their own products and services.

Having a separate section of the forums for a cash marketplace would be the most acceptable (and easiest) thing to do; the only barrier to that that I can see is that there is already a great preponderance of forums, and I doubt the staff are eager to add more.
It'd just like to repeat what some people above me have said.
This is a free host's forum, people usually (not always) post here because they can't afford hosting, or they don't have the means to pay for it.
I don't think there are be enough people here who would be able to participate in a 'real money' marketplace for Bondings to justify opening a new forum.

Of course this only my opinion, but I believe it won't happen
Although most on here start with a free account,i think most move on to paid hosting eventually,and some of these still post on frihost forums,so to say that everyone on frihost is here because they can't afford hosting isnt universally true. For those who cant afford hosting,but who are expert in coding webpages,im sure the opportunity to work for real money rather that frih would be beneficial. So i dont think its a bad idea, but i can see why for the reasons given that the people who run frihost would be reluctant to allow it.
I like how it s done here, there are enough marketplaces on other forums where you can work with real money..
I think if anything like this is going to happen, the first step (or at least a good one) is to have it as rewards.

For example, people like Bladesages and several other users on FriHost offer their services and skills in return for FRIH$ - wouldn't it be fair for people with THOUSANDS of FRIH$ to convert that to real money? So I don't know, once you're past 500FRIH$ you can convert it to real money - whatever the exchange rate might be...?
And where would the 'reward money' come from?
Bondings is a uni student, so I doubt he would have the resources to pay people.
As far as I remember, a shop mod has been asked for, and promised numerous times before.
Anyway, some people just like to have lots of frih beside their name and don't actually want to trade it Razz
I'll sell mine; $5 per 1 frih$.
Any takers? Wink
I'm here for fun, for cash, I'll go to the real world where I get paid for my creations.. but here.. I can share for free, and get shared with.. and you must be pretty damn good if you are going to sell creations here, cause 90ish percent of the stuff created here are at amature level and free all over internet.. 9% of the remaining 10 are semi pro or pro, even those can be found for free, so I guess I would pay for the last percent.. in very rare cases.. FRIHOST is for fun, not cash! Very Happy
I haven't read all the replies, but I'd simply like to say that I wouldn't like any transactions with real money to be carried out over Frihost. The main reason is the liability. Frihost will, of course, have to have some amount of responsibility to make sure than no one has been cheated in any way, and I don't think it's going to be too easy to implement that.

To deal with real money, we're going to have to design a very complex system of administration with special Moderators, etc etc., at the very least.
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