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The Shining

applejunk there is there two versions of this movie out? I remember seeing The Shining awhile back when I was younger. I just recently read the book and I remember it following the movie pretty closely. So to relive childhood memories I decided to watch it, the one with Jack Nicholson, and it turned out to be NOTHING like what I had remembered. The other one I watched actually showed the hotel blowing up at the end. So I'm I delusional or are there two versions of The Shining out?
The Jack Nicholson version (Directed by Stanley Kubrick) is a wonderful film, but has very little in common with the book on which it's based (by Stephen King). Word is, King was furious with the Shining (1980) when it came out.

Fast forward to the mid-90s. A second movie was released called Stephen King's The Shining. It starred Steven Webber (Wings, Studio 60). I never watched it all the way through because I love the Kubrick version so much.
It's hardly surprising that Stanley Kubrick's clinical technique translated so well to the horror genre. He's always used his measured, almost scientific style to great artistic effect, and here his direction slowly turns the screws and makes The Shining, a film based on one of Stephen King's lamer books, one of the most claustrophobically intense movies ever made. Muted much like the acting, the visuals are quietly brilliant: every single shot is perfect and implicitly conveys exactly what is required of it. The film truly is a directorial marvel (example: as one characters axes a door, Kubrick has his camera track the ax instead of the character, so the camera violently veers left and right, as if the entire world is crashing into that door). If I haven't really mentioned the story, there's a reason: the film is a rarity, in that Kubrick's adapted script is actually a huge improvement over its goofy source, but the plot is still a distant second to the mesmerizing optics on display. And, of course, let's not forget wacky Jack Nicholson in his most unhinged performance.
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