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london killed it

some of you guys might have been enjoying watching and hearing about bec and myself at my site:

just thought i'd give you all an update. bec has dumped me because the fact that i would leave my job, travel across the workd for her and change my entire life because i believe we are supposed be together has been too much pressure for her. i am heart broken.

i have made it hard for both of us by being a jealous boyfriend on the other side of the world, but i truly thought we had enough to get through this.

My boyfriend is easily jealous; he is also too eager to get married, something I don't want yet.
But I won't leave him that easily, I love him and he can change some of those bad habits, I do tell him what I think and he understands. And if he doesn’t want to lose me he does have to understand that. I’m sorry for your loss.
that sounds pretty much the same as my scenario - all except that bec has led me to believe that we were on the same path the whole way and within not even 2 months in london she has done a complete backflip!

she was sending me letters using my family name as hers and addressing them to "my husband to be".

then the day came that i gave notice here at my job and therefore solidifying our plans to be together and she was not there to support me! instead she was questioning our relationship and whether or not me coming was the right thing or not.

this lack of faith and lack of commitment has made me feel really lousy cause we both know what we mean to each other (or at least i thought we did)

in 24 days i get on a plane with a one way ticket to london and the love of my life is not going to be there to greet and take me into her life. i feel used and abused.
I sensed a "Long Distance Relationship" in both scenario. Well, really hard to work it out with such situations. Factors might a lack of communication, faith and trust. Maybe a pair out of 10 pairs would survive in that relationship. People involved are and should often be together if both wants the relationship to work. I'm sorry to hear from both of you and to tell I'm into that relationship few times, it really never worked for me. Crying or Very sad
I was together with a boy I knew, and then I had to move away so I could continue at school, and I lived just one hour away by boat. That relationship ended. But we were really different to.

I will be one of the ten that can keep a long distance relationship. we will be together in about two years, after I'm done as an apprentice.
I offer my apologies for you suffering. Even though I'm not a believer in long distance relationships its still a sad thing to hear when one doesn't last.

Hope you recover from this,
bjwok wrote:
in 24 days i get on a plane with a one way ticket to london and the love of my life is not going to be there to greet and take me into her life.

sorry it had to be that way. i don't know if you will still get on the plane now
Sorry to hear about your loss.
It's hard for me to understand that a she can give you the impression that she wants to tie the knot, just to run away when you want to make a life for you together.
Hope she will change her mind, or that your heart will heal fast!
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