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Could use a hand on this one.

Okay, here's the deal. There is this girl that i like. We've known each other a couple months. I guess I make it pretty obvious that i like her. She seems to like me, but I have been wrong before. The main problem is, she has a boyfriend. How do I tell her I like her, and find out if she likes me?

If you know one of her friends at all, and have trust in them that they won't spill the beans... just ask one of her friends to subtly ask her Wink

Good luck!
I would do as what flung has said... but
- try thinking about you thought that she likes you back?
- If she likes you, what makes her keep some distance from you? is it because of her BF or something else?
- Keep an eye on her and try to figure out if she's trying to get (eye contact) with you? and see what's her impression about it?

May be the most direct thing is to ask her... short... but can hurt
Why do you wanna know if she likes you if she has a bf? Would it matter? Do you expect her to leave her bf to be with you?
Sorry if I seem rude but how would you feel if someone was making moves or showing serious interest in your girlfriend?

as for a response to your question...look for someone available.
the only way to find out all those answers is to ask her. and even if she has a boyfriend, yes, you can ask if she likes you. but if you're unsure, confirm whether she has a boyfriend before you say something you'll regret.

good luck!
TrueFact wrote:
May be the most direct thing is to ask her... short... but can hurt

That's what I said already molif...
Just ask... you may face the brutal truth... but truth is always like that...
She likes you, but have a boyfriend? If she liked you more than friends do, she would probably not be with that other guy. I think you should not tell her about your feelings. It could confuse her and ruin her relationship even though she is not in love with you. I think you should respect their relationship and try to forget her, at least until (if) they break up.
Maybe asking is good solution, but it could put her in difficult and tense situation..
But don't forget her just so early, after some time she could used to you.. and it will be easier to her to make a decision.

My opinion, is to hang with her more often, and if you came in situation you think you could kiss her, or tell how you feel, do it..
It is hard to brake up relationships,. some girls (my opinion) will not brake up with their boyfriends unless they have safe second option (you). I really mean it !
I have the exact same situation as you. Except, she knows I like her, and she tells me she loves me, and she has a boyfriend.

All I have really done is been nice to her. Help her through problems that she needed help with. Hold back the asking part until you officially know she likes you. Many of girls show love in a different way, so I don't think asking here will be much help.

Just be nice, and don't mess up. Good luck.
Do not under any circumstances ask her friends to be go between, things will get screwed up or the wording will change to something totally different from what you said, and if the boyfriend finds out expect some serious issues with him I would assume
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