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Good book for beginner Piano players?

I am going to start learning the piano. Musical background wise I have played the clarinet for 13+ years. So I can read music easily. But reading more than one line at a time is very different. Smile Also not that strong in reading bass clef.

So I am posting here for suggestions on a good starter book for piano beginners. My knowledge of piano is limited to know what keys are what notes. Dunno much about chords, which I sense is quite important for a piano player.

I will be starting lessons soon too, so maybe I'll get a good suggestion from my instructor. But just wanted some input.

Thanks in advance.
I taught myself to play the piano. I had trouble with playing both the staffs at the same time. So what I would do was practice a song with just my right hand, then just my left hand, and then together. It eventually gets easier and easier. But I don't know what books to suggest. I'd just get a book with easy songs at it from a local book store. The piano is pretty self-explanatory if you can read music. Every note goes in order, and the black keys go up (or down) one half step.

I googled this, it should help:
If you want to learn Piano, Try to learn notes first and familiarize its theories. Then after that, you're going to study the easier part which is chords. All you just need is a list of Chords for piano. And, add interest to that and you are all set. Good Luck with your music Career.
Get lead sheets instead of regular sheet music. Lead sheets are one line with chord letter shown above verses all those black dots on a second line. LOL Any good book will show you finger positions for chords, C & G are probably the used.
If you are in the US, this guy has a show on PBS that is good also a pledge drive special that is great for starters.
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