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Australia, shame on you

More workers face deportation to a bleak future

Sydney Morning Herald
October 19, 2007

EIGHTEEN Mongolian timber workers face financial ruin after the Federal Government banned their Queensland employer from using foreign labour after finding that he had breached the rules of the skilled worker visa scheme.

The workers face being deported to China within a month after the Immigration Department told NK Collins in Toowoomba that it was banned from using the controversial 457 visa scheme for three years.

That decision followed a Herald investigation in August into the death of one of the company's Chinese employees, Guo Jian Dong, who was killed by a falling tree while felling cypress pine on a remote property in western Queensland in June.

Eleven of the company's employees have told Yew Meng Lim, from the Toowoomba migrant support group Connecting Point, they borrowed up to $20,000 each to pay agents in China to come to Australia and are owed large sums of money by their employer.

Mr Yew Meng said the men came to him last week after they were told by Immigration that NK Collins was no longer an approved sponsor and they had seven days to provide reasons why they should be allowed to remain in Australia.

They asked the department for permission to stay in Australia long enough to find jobs and accommodation.

They told Mr Yew Meng they had worked up to 60 and even 80 hours a week; had never worked fewer than 48 hours a week; had not received pay slips detailing their overtime; and were paid only $11 or $12 an hour. They only found out how much they were paid by accessing their bank accounts with an ATM card and had not received superannuation entitlements.

Don Collins, the owner of NK Collins, has previously told the Herald he observed all of the 457 visa requirements, although he said the workers had lost their first payments when a business agent with access to their accounts had taken their money.

Yesterday he refused to answer any questions and said the Herald was to blame for the department's decision. "I have no comment. It's all probably because of a grub like you," he said.

His employees are the latest example of how 457 workers can lose huge amounts of money when they borrow heavily to come to Australia and then get deported within 28 days of losing their job.

Mr Yew Meng said he had contacted more than 50 employers, trying to find jobs for the wood machinists, but it was difficult to find companies happy to take non-English-speakers.

"I cannot accept that they have to return to China in a worse situation than they came, as it is no fault of theirs," he said

A spokeswoman for the Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, said the department was looking for jobs for the men and was "hopeful" of finding work before they were deported.

Last month the Herald revealed two Chinese workers in western Sydney were facing deportation, even though they were owed more than $30,000 each in unpaid wages.

They are called "developed" countries but their sense of justice seems not much different than shi**oles like Indonesia.

Australia , America, Europe, the U.K. they are all the same when it comes to their treatment of immigrants.

How can people be treated like this?
It is not their fault. They followed a legal immigration scheme but their employer was an as**ole so now they have to suffer.

Why is the employer not jailed over this scam?

What about the money they are owed? No mention of recovering that money.
...and what about the Aussies whose family have lived in this country, and paid taxes, cleared the land from virgin bush, for the last 200 years, who are out of work because of uncontrolled immigration?
The Vietnamese drug-lords?
The Lebanese rapists and thugs?
The uneducated Sudanese and South Asians who spend their lives on welfare- at the expense of the Aussie taxpayer?
...and lets not forget the untrained ""Doctors""with bullshit Indian degrees who are killing hundreds every year- do a search for Dr Death and Bunderberg Hospital and see what you find.
There is financial ruin aplenty caused by excessive immigration, right here right now.
Tim Graham
Australia has benefited greatly from immigration, and we certainly don't (and didn't) need immigrants to cause our own people harm - the Stolen Generation springs to mind.

That said, the fact is that the majority of cases in that newspaper article were breaking the law (and probably knew it). I have a lot of problems with our immigration policy at the moment, so I would have though that you would bring up something related to that - the fact that we detain all refugees, and have an 'immigration exclusion zone' covering the entire northern half of the country. (If you're trying to arrive in Australia by boat and land on any of that coastline, you've got a 99% chance of being taken to somewhere like Christmas Island or Nauru while your asylum claim is 'processed'.)

That all said, we've got an election coming up and with luck (although I sincerely doubt it) things might change.
1) Australia (like North America) is a country of immigrants. I wonder how many Aussies have all their grandparents born in Australia.

Those who oppose immigration should know that they are also immigrants in the eyes of the Australian Aborigines. And Aborigines were immigrants too thousands of years ago.

2) Without new immigrants (most from poor countries) who accept jobs refused by the "locals" the developed countries wouldn't be so developed. A few unskilled or lazy "natives" may lose their jobs but the overall economic effect is good and the whole population benefits.

3) Indeed criminals should be sent back.

But keep in mind that mass media focus on bad news in general and hype those involving immigrants in particular. Therefore stereotypes as "All ... are thieves" are common.

My opinion: any immigrant who has a stable job should be allowed to stay and after 5-10 years to be allowed to become citizen. Of course, only after he learns the language and a little history of the community he wants to be part of.
Australia was initialy destined for the criminals who were considered dangerous to be kept in their own countries. Most of the so called tax payers are all either the decendent of those criminals (forcefuly driven out by the government of their own countries, not like the present immigrants) or the newly converted citizens (from PR). A country having such a mixed culture and heritage does not have the right to criticise the immegrants. No one leaves his own country willingly, they leave it in search for better living.
bukaida wrote:
Australia was initialy destined for the criminals who were considered dangerous to be kept in their own countries.

Could you reference this?
@ liu, unfortunately, this isn't cited:

But this does indicate that criminals were sent there, however "Australia was never intended as a penal colony, it was just used as such after a while, because of a labour shortage there."
Tim Graham
Liu wrote:
bukaida wrote:
Australia was initialy destined for the criminals who were considered dangerous to be kept in their own countries.

Could you reference this?
It's fairly common knowledge - I don't know about the specifics of that statement but it's certainly true that New South Wales (as it was known at the time) was originally created as a convict settlement.

And yes, immigration has created the Australia we all know and the Hansonites around here can.. Wink
If you want to know about Australia's convict history read a book called "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes.

Australia was indeed intended to be one big penal colony and the first settlers were either prisoners or jailers. The first boats arrived in 1788 at Botany Bay.

Basically speaking British jails were overflowing and they needed a solution to the problem. Prisoners were even being kept on floating barges in rivers because the prisons were so overcrowded.

It is also worth noting that, although some were murderers and rapists, many were guilty of no more than stealing bread or an apple or two.

Anyway if you really want to know read the book.
I don't know why the world isn't more aware of Australia's racism. But for some reason what we have done to our indigenous people and how we have treated immigrants and refugees are greatly ignored by the rest of the world.
White Australia has a VERY Black past.
But you don't learn about it in school. I went through school in Australia and we learnt nothing about our indigenous people. We certainly didn't learn how they were murdered by the thousands, or how they weren't considered human beings until the 1970s...
Not to mention our 'white australia policy' and our continued ill-treatment of refugees.
It is disgusting.
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