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Jericho TV series

who watched this series ?
After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks destroys most of America, residents of a small Kansas town must come to terms with a new and very different reality
personally i loved the series
it gives you the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next and that if you where in that situation, how would you have handled the problems that they encountered.
Their fight for survival is very realistic, totally not exagerated which makes the movie much interesting.

and I'm glad it's back. I just worry they're only bringing it back long enough to finish all the loose ends then kill it again. Anyone know about that?
i saw the 1 serie

and its a bit strange that it goes like it goes around there.

first u had a lot of action but near the end of the serie there was none.. it was more drama then a good action/drame serie like prison break of the nashville
I've been really impressed by this show. However, I feel that this season is a lot slower than the last. It feels too much like a sequel. However, I'm still really enjoying it. As long as they can keep the storyline going strong I hope they continue the show. It sounds like the new government is might corrupted...
Actings are reallly bad, especially Skeet Ulrich I just don't like him, nothing good comes out of his acting.

The story looks interesting but the character developement is slow and bad.

I feel like turning in circles much more than Lost series.
Jericho is a really good tv show, but not many people watch it (wonder why)... I'm waiting the 4th episode (of the 2nd season), CBS air it today Smile
" The story looks interesting but the character developement is slow and bad "

I'm agree... too slow... sometimes it's little bit tedious...
with all of this rebuilding going on that once it's all said and done (and the forces behind the new evil goverment are defeated) that everything will be 'normal' again (as much as could be) and it will be over. I mean yeah EVENTUALLY rebuilding is where it's going to go but in the second season looks like they're setting it up for a short run (two or three seasons total), not sure if that's what all the people who sent the nuts to CBS had in mind.
I like it. The concept is good and it's got several inputs that makes it go forward. I was very glad when I heard
there was going to be a second season, since I was quite sure it would land amongst the '1-seasoners'.
Kind of slow right now, but I think they got material enough.
I liked the final episode. Manged to handle a lot of the major plot points without feeling rushed and without leaving some room for more. Maybe, since CBS and CW are connected, they should try it on the CW for awhile (re-run the past episodes from the start over the summer), the ratings it was getting aren't great for CBS but if they could keep even SOME of thoes numbers on the CW then it would be a major hit. The ratings are better than it's number one show ("Smallville") by a mile and with a summer airing from the start it would give fans time to track it down and new vieweres as well. I could see a series (or movies, or books or whatever) about the second civil war they were hinting about. I have to admit I half expected a coda showing a class room somewhere in the near future talking about the second cival and wrapping up whatever the episode didn't but it was good they left it open. Smile
I must say that I like this postnuclearsoapopera Smile but it was not really good. They should speed up things and make more action than it will be watchable for more people. But honestly.... if Sarah Connor Chronisles can exists in more that one season than there is still hope for season 3 Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I was watching it on M6 (french channel) and I loved it in the beginning. the story was quite interesting but I agree, it was sometimes too slow. then M6 stopped programming it - because audience for this series was too small - just too bad.
I know its a old topic but, I just started watching this on Netflix and it seem pretty entering!..
how many seasons of jericho is out? thanks
portoskt wrote:
how many seasons of jericho is out? thanks

It was only a 2 sadly....

More info
very good show.. .too bad is it finished so quickly
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