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Golden Earring - Moontan

Hey all,

This is definitely a revisit to the vintage rock years! Anyways, here's a review on an awesome classic album needed to be listened to by everyone.

This 1974 release is Golden Earring's most well-known and highly rated album. It was originally released in the Netherlands with a picture of a nude showgirl on the front, included two tracks not found here (Suzy Lunacy, Just Like Vince Taylor) and left out Big Tree, Blue Sea. You're better off with the five-track version being reviewed.

We all know the popular foot-stomping classic Radar Love, and you can bet it's the first track on Moontan. I personally prefer the live version on Something Heavy Going Down (AKA Live From The Twilight Zone). I like the way the song has evolved over the years and I prefer it live.

Candy's Going Bad is my personal favorite from Moontan. It's a great catchy rock song with a very cool riff and a short but sweet solo in the middle.

Vanilla Queen is a much-loved Earring classic that seems to be about Marylin Monroe. It has some great acoustic playing in the middle and some lovely horns at the end.

Big Tree, Blue Sea is a remake of the 1970 version on their self titled album (AKA Wall Of Dolls) from 1970. I prefer this version as the flute sounds better I think. This song has a lot of Jethro Tull-esque flute playing and some very soft, sweet moments in the middle.

The Final track, Are You Recieving Me is a lengthy song with some saxophone and some rocking out in the middle.

Sure, it's only five songs, but most of them are very lengthy and everyone would tell you it's worth a purchase. My personal favorite studio album is Bloody Buccaneers, but Moontan is an exceptionally solid album in it's own right. Their new album Millbrook USA and their 1972 album Together are also good. But GE tends to be best when they're live, so their live albums are must-haves. So many of their songs are just so much better live. Save Your Skin, Heartbeat, Evil Love Chain, Hammer Of Love, Liquid Soul, Long Blond Animal, The Devil Made Me Do It, I Do Rock 'N Roll, Another 45 Miles, Just Like Vince Taylor, Radar Love, and Mission Impossible are just some examples of GE songs that are usually best when performed live.

Keep it real...and Rockin'!
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