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Rogue Spear - Challenging and Fun

Hey all,

This was ane xcellent game when it 1st appeared on the shelves and still has a great following today.

This game has done something very few games have been able to do , it has become better than its original maker. Many game companies in a hurry to make a profit,don't put as much effort or creativity into their sequels of their games, but Red Storm Entertainment isn't one of them!!!!
Reasons why this is hands down better than the original and quite possibly the best game of the 90's: Challenging missions that combine not only action but strategy. Rainbow Six was the first game where you could actually plan out youre mission and execute it just like a top secret military team would in real life. The graphics and sound in Rogue Spear (if you can believe it) are better than the original:
Team members talk more during tense situations ("It's ok you're safe"), their movements are very lifelike, they can blink and breathe just like a real person. You see them enter a room carefully for any danger, then they follow their plan. Before you begin a level you are treated to a musical score to get you pumped up for the action!!! It is simply inspiring.

The levels are breathtaking, in the First level you go inside a Museum taking by Middle Eastern Terrorists, in the Second level you are on ship and must not only prevent a bomb from being detonated, but rescue the hostages in the ship!!

Replay Mode for every mission. This is my favorite part of the game where you can look at how well or bad you completed a mission. My only complaint of the original Rainbow Six is that after you completed a mission there wasn't anything more to look at. With the replay mode, you can watch youre completed mission over and over again. Get some popcorn ready. Smile

The challenge would give even the most experienced game player , hours and hours to try to beat even a single level. (Try playing on Elite/Veteran)

Oh yes and there is network support for it too over the net. Multiplayer options include saving youre team captain from the enemy, wiping out youre opponents team, and a whole bunch of stuff.

You will need a 3d accelerator card, like the Voodoo 3000, otherwise the game wont look 3d and the maps and characters wont look crisply textured.

Finally, there are several mission packs for Rogue Spear.
This is what 3d gaming is all about!!!
If you're looking for an action packed game with a challenge, you're search is over. Haha.

Anyways, keep it real......
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