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Bombs in london

I live in london and the bombs happened close to where i live. I really am shocked. I mean what was the point. None! There really is none. You get killed yourself and you dont get to see the result and if you did it for a good reason (which there isnt) then there is still no reason as it causes more havoc. Who agrees?
i think its poinless and since we cannot reprimand those at fault then we must go after like minded people. we must seek out this poison that is infecting the human race and destroy it for the better of the global community. there can be plauges caused by bacteria and viruses and other carcinogens, but people can be a plauge too, like the rebels in the middle east. they do nothing but kill themselves and others. now, i dont give a shit if they die, but killing innocent people is something that should be taken care of.

i do not live in london or england, i am a proud citizen of America, i live in Virginia and am not directly affected by the london bombings, but i do agree in their pointlessness and the need to do somethign about it
But the thing that trouble me the most is that now people are going against the muslims which is not right as some of the muslim people want pease but the thing i would protest against is that i dont hope this turns into a war. That woould be silly. But why should the turn against muslims. It is silly. It does no
good, it just makes you as bad as the people who actually did the bombing. And i am sure no one wants to be that. It is basically like being against one thing but doing the same thing. I hope people here get the message. But even i have to admit that it was muslims who did the bombings. But they were and al quaeda linked group and most muslims actually hate that group they give muslims a bad name.
Definitely, the bombings in London were completely pointless. I don't understand what terrorists are trying to prove by suicide bombings... All they end up doing is killing themselves and killing other innocent people. These are cowardly acts.

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