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I want to upgrade...

I've noticed my computer is getting out-dated again, and I think I need to upgrade it a little to be able to run newer games. I am planning to get a new sound card (SoundBlaster xfi, it's 120), for better sound, plus it has a built-in processor so it should take some weight from my primary one.'
But what should I upgrade next?

Intel Celeron, 1.70 GHz
768 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB
I would definitely upgrade the CPU first. The sound card isn't that important, probably after upgrading the RAM then graphics card (if you're a hardcore gamer Very Happy ). Get a dual-core CPU - you'll really feel the difference in speed and performance.
upgrade in this order (or priority)
Gfx card, just a basic one, I'm guessing you use euros so im guessing you should be looking at 70-150 euros
CPU get the best you can afford
ram, just upgrade to a solid gig or 1.5
then soundcard, i really wouldnt worry about it
Well I'd really like to have better sound not only while playing, but also while listening to music and watching movies.

So maybe I'll get a graphics card? That would be cheapest to upgrade, wouldn't it?
no the vid card is probaly more expencive GET THE BEST GRAPHICS CARD U CAN (sorry to use caps) but yea it will be way better
I wouldn't spend money on that system it's already an outdated system!!!
your motherboard is old and will not support new CPUs and basically you'll waste your money on faster CPU for that motherboard instead spending it on a better CPU with different motherboard

If you want to game then start from nothing if you're going with cheater AMD stuff make sure you get an AM2+ motherboard

That's my opinion and that's how I would do it Very Happy

Cheers Smile
the reason i said not to worry about the sound cards is that there is almost no chance that having a better one would give a noticeable difference in sound performance. You would be better buying better speakers, headset. The only real point in sound-cards in modern times is for setups which include the likes of 7.1 surround sound.
greatfire wrote:
the reason i said not to worry about the sound cards is that there is almost no chance that having a better one would give a noticeable difference in sound performance. You would be better buying better speakers, headset. The only real point in sound-cards in modern times is for setups which include the likes of 7.1 surround sound.

Well the integrated sound is just crappy, when I use my headphones to it doesn't sound much better than with speakers, though when I use my headphones with my iPod it sounds much better.

I wouldn't spend money on that system it's already an outdated system!!!

A new system would be too expensive, I don't that much money to spend.

Anyway, you think adding a gb or two of RAM would boost performance significantly?

I would have to agree with fadirocks, because it's highly probable that you would not be able to put a better processor in your mainboard. Usually when PCs are built the cpu is matched to the mainboard so the best performance is possible.

Have you considered overclocking?

Since your into gaming I'd say upgrading your Gfx card is a priority. These days any thing less then 256mb is pointless in my opinion and you would get a much smoother graphic experience.

You can overclock gfx cards as well! Wink (Google 'overclocking')

The Ram would also be a good investment in your quest to boost performance. When it comes to games like World of Warcraft, if I remember correctly, they are expecting at least a gig.

Sound card... umm... it should be possible to improve your sound quality by connecting your 'Line Out' port to an external amplifier (eg. your stereo systems aux input). This method would only cost the price of a suitable lead to connect them! Very Happy

Well, there you go, thats what I think Think
You'll probably have to buy a new mobo too, because celeron 1.7ghz is on old socket.

Mobo: some socket 775 with ddr2... Gigabyte, MSI or ASUS. - 50-100
Processor: core 2 duo - 80-120 (of course you could also buy a better one Smile)
Ram: 2gb - 50-60
Graphic card: around 100.... 8600GTS or something. Btw, if you have money, ATI Radeon HD3850 is a good budget atm.

And don't worry about sound card too much, because most of the current mobos has already good 7.1+ sound card integrated.
Given what you've got now, you'd probably be better off completely updating your machine (ie. motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics, etc) than trying to get parts for your existing board. I don't think it would be too easy to find an appropriate P4 for your motherboard (and I doubt it would support dual-core, given that it's got a Celeron 1.7 in it).

From the sound of it, you probably have older SD-RAM (1 x 512 MB and 1 x 256 MB? Or three 256MB chips?). This means that your board probably can't support newer RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3).

As for the sound, a newer motherboard should have integrated 7.1 audio. It won't be as good as the high-end sound cards, but it'll be sufficient for movies, games, etc. (by not as good I mean that it might have very low levels of background noise - barely noticeable unless you have no sounds playing, the volume up at maximum and a really, really good set of speakers). A new MB will also have a 16X PCI Express port. It should be easier to get a graphics card for a PCI Express port than a 4X or 8X AGP.
You'll probably wanna upgrade your graphics card to handle the bottleneck but considering that your processor is an outdated celeron, there wouldn't be much of a bottleneck there. If your motherboard RAM slots are dual DDR capable, then you are better off getting another 256MB RAM to utilise your Motherboard's capabilities instead of running on 3 x 256MB RAM as they will work better in pairs.

On the other hand, you can try looking for 2nd hand PCs at they are selling pretty cheap even for a reasonable system. My company just bout a few P4 1.7GHz wit XP Pro license for about RM700 which works out to be about 140 Euros. Or you can just look for a 2nd hand processor and overclock your system. I'm sure your current processor can handle some overclocking ... say an extra 400MHz without much hassle.
Sorry to say, but I think this brick is hopeless for the purpose you intend to use it for.
Upgrading will definately cost you more then what you will get for it!

If you do not upgrade it all, you will end up bottlenecking the upgraded parts with the old parts.

You can get AMD Cpu's & mobo's fairly cheap, it will do the trick... combine this with a gb of valueram, small hd and a 150dollar/euro Graphics card... and you should be on your way.

Also I recommend not buying the soundcard, your budget is low and when buying such a card you should also buy a good (expensive) speakerset (if you don't have any ofcourse), to get the max out of it...
Along with the above, If you do buy a better motherboard, it will most likely have better onboard sound than your current one so that eliminates the need for a sound card.

Sound cards are only mainly used by hardcore gamers with highend systems and speaker sets or IT Musical people.

Also, for your budget gaming system, I would go for Intel Dual core processors. They are in a league above anything AMD can produce at the moment and there are a few lower end chips about up for grabs.

Graphics card:
You want DX 10, DX 9 cards are now pointless in getting as mostly all games from here on in will be DX10 primarily with DX9 support which will gradually be faded out.
This leaves you
ATI 2/3 series
Nvidia 8 series

ATI 2 series were bad so from ATI at your budget I would choose ATI 3850 or the 8600 GT from Nvidia for alot cheaper but with much less performance.

Thanks for reading
I wouldn't pick Intel Dual Core processor, sure there good, but expensive as well...
Since the machine is going to be used for games, the cheaper AMD line will work as well, current games don't kill the CPU, they kill the GPU.

And there isn't that much graphical difference between DX9 or DX10, though I do think you should pick one of those nice Nvidia 8800 series cards
A good point however games are being optimised to use 2 + cores now and though the Graphics card plays the greatest part, a 8800 GTX altra with a pentium 3 processor would not play Crysis.
True, but a pentium 3 is really really bad now a days... And AMD's cheaper dual core models are not the best... but certainly they will run Crysis and there not that bad at all
Upgrade in this order

I recommend an "AMD Anthlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2.1Ghz"
About 250 dollars (AUS)

Graphics Card
Geforce 8800 something or other

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