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random formations - clouds, sand etc.

that piece of dust looks like a bird feeding it's babies in a nest. it does. spotted any other formations in clouds, sand, arrangements of rock or anything else?
is it a sign from god...? Surprised
still... it would be interesting to see what other people spot in their everyday life. just shapes that seem to appear from nowhere...
I think it is pretty much just all in your head. I don't know how many times I've seen something in a random formation like that but nobody else sees what I see. It has to do with the way each persons mind works.
an interesting view of things... however i find the same. whenever i spot a shape in a cloud, not many other people seem to see it just as i do...
i spot those kinds of things all the time. i used to have a tree outside of my window that i would look at when it was dark out, and i always found these really scary looking faces in the shape of the leaves.
but then, i also think that it's just part of the way you look at things, even if you can get someone else to see it doesn't necessarily make it a sign or anything. but that's just my opinion. Very Happy
It's like Rorschach tests. Some people will see pictures in the patterns, others just see the patterns.
Once while traveling in a car I saw a cloud formation that looked exactly like the starship enterprise , I was a passenger and looked for the camera but as I looked back it was no longer the enterprise just a cloud.
it depends on what mood i'm in. sometimes, if i'm in a calm, relaxed mood i can see them really easily. but sometimes i will spend ages looking and find nothing...
I saw a cloud once, that looked like a bird with a wing clipped off... another time, I saw a cloud that looked like a skull with a chunk of the top-left part missing like it had been smashed-in Shocked
raine dragon

I have a few pages of code taped up on my wall right now, because I'm working on it.... It's a long story. But anyways, the middle one makes this odd profile of a face with this protruding upper lip. it's quite odd looking....

and the twist tie on my desk looks like a yak from this angle...
I don't know, I never seem to have time just to look at the clouds anymore, but I tend to see animals in them, whcih is odd, since I'm not really a big animal person, but it generally happens 37000 feet in the air in coach class, so any judgements on my part are probably unreliable. Razz But I don't think it really has any deeper meaning, just a manifestation of the idle wanderings of the mind. Smile
nothing new at the moment, apart from a cloud that looked slightly like a vulture...
i recently spoted a clear plastic bag that loked like a triceratops...
it was full of coloured plastic balls.
How about random thoughts.... Has anybody ever reported themselves? Question
that would be an interesting topic... i'm going to have to make that now...
Have you seen anybody famous or anything religious? It seems that many are looking for those things to sell on ebay or to get their 15 min. of fame.

I often see patterns that look like things but usually forget them as quickly as I ID them. I guess I should spend more time "smelling the roses" and think about them more.
By the way. I too wish Microsoft was not such a strong arm force in the computer business. But unfortunately, like many, I am forced to use their products and support them by purchasing Micro-products. I see them as the McDonald's of the business. Not so good but everywhere you look. I wonder where Ronald is?
when i was in the hospital on morphine i saw some pretty cool stuff Shocked i saw stuff that other people couldn't see it was really cool...
but i have seen some impressive formations in the sky i think a lot of it has to do with a vivid imagination
unfortunately, my other topic i created:
How about random thoughts.... Has anybody ever reported themselves?
with a reply of
that would be an interesting topic... i'm going to have to make that now...
was locked. but seeing as this topic is still going, i suppose we could use it for that...
just so you know.
i haven't spotted anything new recently, though. i'm not really that imaginative. and i think the morphine may cause people to hallucinate, as it is very similar to an illegal street drug, i'm not sure which one.
still... that would be awesome.
Well, clouds formation sightings is a fun thing to do. I usually do it when I was in grade school with friends.
Interesting topic! I see alot of shapes in clouds, best one I saw was the Aston Villa Lion, lol, honest I saw it, ok no one else saw it but hey! I did...

Honest I am not mad! Honest lol
Now that I have been commenting abut this topic I have noticed that the clowds are very interesting. I have been looking at them again.

This time of the year is great for that too. The weather is very interesting at this time. I am sure I am not in southern California where all of the fire is. I'm sure that all they see is gray or brown.

Most of what I see are mountains, trees and the normal stuff.
sometimes you won't be able to see something in a cloud etc. if no-one else knows what it is. for instance, if you tried to show someone who had always lived in the desert a fish cloud shape, they wouldn't be able to see it.
i see lots of things in different objects. Clouds, Fog, dirt on a path way, shadows in my room, patterns on my bed that every once in a while make a shape. The patterns on my bed are ones i see the most because i'll be going to sleep or waking up and i'll be a little out of it and i see an image so i stare at it for a while. I don't look up at the shapes in clouds all the much anymore unless i'm in a car being driven by anyone other then me and i'm bored. Then i might looks up at the clouds, but not very often.
Da Rossa
Matbe something from your head, or maybe a sign of God. No one is qualified to say for sure.
well. it's something scientific, random formations. sand formation and the likes, granular materials. hehe, the first time i read the title, i thought it was something scientific. then again, its in the general chat sections. anyway, why give meaning to it, instead why try explaining why it happens or how it happens? just a thought.
Da Rossa
Well, it is scientific, but if you're talking about gaseous forms like clouds then there is only one thing I know that can describe them: statistical mechanics with probability. That's all Very Happy
I often see those interesting formations of clouds and I find them very interesting. I like to watch it, especially when there are some light effects because of sunrise of sunset. But when I recognize a formation and then after few moments I look at it again I see something completely different. And that also happens when I look long enough at the formation… I guess that every person has different associations on that. I don’t believe it’s some sign from God… Although sometimes it really scary how you can see some images.
i saw a mushroom yesterday that looked so much like a bird that i stopped walking so i didn't scare it.
I see formations in the clouds a lot
but. . . .so does everyone else

I'm sure everyone sees the Clouds and notice there amazing formations...... what was the best cloud formation, that you saw in a cloud? Mine, was a cloud formation of a man & a woman doing "69" no kidding......... I have photos to prove it! But, because I am SO NEW to this computer stuff, I do not know how to show you the photos! Other than that, Mickey Mouse, Whales, Dolphin, turtle, of course puppy's. COOL!
I'm fairly sure there's a known psychological condition in humans which result in people recognising any vague patterns in random occurances, but I can't remember what it's called. Confused Anyway, when you consider the VERY large number of shapes that people know the statistical chance of a random shape or formation coming close to resembling one is pretty large.
there are so many things that things can look like that you're bound to spot something...
i once saw a knight in a cloud, en also a guy from diablo, played it too muhc x.x
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