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Google to Release Desktop 2 Beta

Google will release a beta of its new search software, "Desktop 2" to help users locate information on their PC hard drives and the Internet. This move is expected to leverage the company s competitive edge, vis- -vis the likes of Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo.

"Desktop 2" is part of Google's ambitious plan, to move beyond basic browser-enabled search. With this new software, Google intends to enable users manage music, news headlines, instant messages and e-mail.

Google's "Desktop 2" mainly features a rectangular "sidebar" with panels, which allow users to view the latest live information and receive it in a personalized form.

The sidebar is equipped with a search box, which adds a new toolbar to Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program, for quicker access to mail messages. This search box also finds applications, which can be launched directly from the results list, which appears as words are typed in.

When a PC is not in use, initial indexing of all content on the drive takes place, after which subsequent indexing takes place in real time. This helps users to find files, as soon as they are saved to the disk.

Other features of "Desktop 2" include; aggregation of e-mails from various accounts, display of RSS feeds without user intervention and display of pictures, stock prices, weather reports, personalized news etc.

"Desktop 2" also facilitates scrambling or encrypting of the index, in order to protect it from being read by unauthorized parties.

As part of its security plan, Google maintains that it has now disabled caching of secure websites, so that private information cannot be easily located. Also, the company has advised users to refrain from using Desktop 2 on computers in cyber-cafes etc.

Google's new software works on computers running Windows XP or Windows 2000, but does not support Mac OS X. Users can access further details at

The following site is in chinese. Is it only me or something? I suppose Google though Singapore is a Chinese speaking country? lol
orno works fine for me

as far as the language bit goes, try clearing your cache/cookies and then retrying
I must admit, Google is an awesome company. And I hope it dominates the internet war.Very Happy
Google has released an update to it's popular desktop search software. Google Desktop 2 beta adds a sidebar, expanding from the product's previous focus as a search tool to a full fledged desktop enhancement. By default, the sidebar comes bundled with individual panels for e-mail, news, web clips (RSS/XML feeds), photos, quick view (recent documents), stocks, and scratch pad for taking notes. As of now, five additional panels are available as a seperate download. Google has provided us with a fun distrorting clock, Time Warp, a todo list, and System Monitor. Airbear Software also has two plugins available. gdTunes controls iTunes from the sidebar, and Adsense Status displays information from your Google Adsense account. A developer SDK is available for those interested in writing their own sidebar plug-ins.
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