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Localhost address

What is the localhost address i want to connect to it through SQLyog and my GameServer(it won't take much bandwidth. Around 100byte - 20kb monthly). I need to copy some tables to the database because of its large size.

I try to connect through but says Cannot connect to MySQL server ''

Settings are
username: Enternal_(name)
password: (correct password)
database: Enternal_(database)
Port: 3306

PS i have SQLyog Free Edition
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the user on the frihost sql database is a localhost user. This means you can only connect to the database when connecting from the server itself. And the only way to do that is to connect with phpmyadmin. You can export all tables with phpmyadmin and then import them on your pc.

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But i need to connect to the database outside localhost. Any idea how i can do that?
if you want to connect to a frihost sql database, its only possible with phpmyadmin on the frihost server.

If you want a script on the frihost server to connect to a sql database on some other pc/your home pc you have to set the ip of that pc instead of localhost in your script.
The script can be hosted on the server so its fine.I need a program to be able to connect to it. Unless you have a way to make a .exe run on the server and it allows clients to connect to it.
you can't run an exe on the server because .exe only works on windows, and the server is freebsd.

If you start your .exe on your local pc the users have to connect to your pc, that means you have to give them your ip. In the .exe you have to set a link to your script and your script should connect to the sql database. Is that what you want?

One questions, why don't you set up your own database on your own pc?
well my computer cant host a webserver because my ISP requires me to pay extra $120 if i want to host a website that only goes online when my computer is on and connected online. The php code im using requires localhost MySQL database so thats why im hosting it here.

My program can't connect. Give error can't connect to 10060 Entered Invaild Ip or port.
if you want to connect to your script you need port 80, and the direct link to the script.
If you want your program to connect to the sql databse it's not possible.
How come i cannot connect to the database remotely?
Does Frihost block port 3306 from being accessed?
you can't add/remove/edit users. And the only user with access to the database is ...@localhost . That means it can only be accessed from the localhost. This can only be done with phpmyadmin.
i see then i guess tunnelling would work?
I think you could make some php to connect your program to the sql database.
I agree with last post. The only viable option would be a PHP script that executes the .exe and then communicates with the database... but to do that, I believe you would need (of course this is just a way) to play with localhost on your own PC.

I would:

Create a php script that runs under MY pc and runs the .exe. Then use curl_ to send the information to the external php script (which would be in Frihost). That external script would be able to use the MySQL database you have in here.

Of course, I think I don't perfectly understand what you want to do.
[Frihost] External connections to MySQL VPS1 & Server 2
I used it but i still can't connect my program to the servers MySQL database. My program is written with VB6 and connects to MySQL Databases. I require external access to the SQL database. Will you be able to enable access externally?
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