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Something weird happened...


I've running a phpbb3 RC5 forum on my host. I also bought a domain name etc.

But one of my ussers (the first Smile) has sundenly something strange going on..
After being able to visit forum etc without any problems, he suddenly can't connect anymore.
All the other users (including myself) don't have any problems at all.

Now, what did we tried?
We 've tried almost everytthing...

-> Beside ff, also IE and now Safarie (nothing helped)
-> He has full Admin acces (i mean there aren't any child protection stuff running, etc...)
-> firewall off
-> he is directly connected to internet (no routers, switches, wireless stuff...)
-> He emptied cache/cookies etc also couple of times, without any results...
-> Direct link isn't working eather... ( in stead of www. ... .be)
-> We have totally same ISP/product...

When trieing to connect he gets this:

De webpagina kan niet worden weergegeven

Meest waarschijnlijke oorzaken:
Uw computer is niet met internet verbonden.
Er zijn problemen op de website opgetreden.
U hebt het adres mogelijk verkeerd getypt.

Mogelijke acties:
Verbindingsproblemen vaststellen

Meer informatie

Dit probleem kan verschillende oorzaken hebben, waaronder:

De internetverbinding is verbroken.

The webpage can't been loaded

Most common reasones: not connected to the internet, wrong adres, they are some problems on site...
(please correct, my english isn't the top :p)

Does anyone have an idea/solution?

-> I'll try to install a fresh phpbb3 forum (other map ofcourse but on my frihost host) and if he can connect to get the domainname to that and if it's work, to backup old one and put it on the new one.

-> Could it be that Frihost is blocking his IP? (maybe a stupid question...)
We have dynamic ip's...
Reinstalling phpbb won't help, so please don't waste your time doing it.

There are a lot of reasons this might happen. Usually the problem solves itself after a day or more. It could indeed be that his ip was blocked. But if it's a dynamic ip address, the next time he connects to the internet, it should work again. Otherwise, it could be some kind of dns caching going on. In that case waiting should always work.

By the way, did you/he try to flush the dns on the local machine?
In Windows, go to START, EXECUTE (or RUN, I'm not sure how it's call), type in cmd
In the command screen type:
ipconfig /flushdns
He didn't, i'll say it to him tomorrow.

Hope that that will do the trick.. And ehm, after the flush, don't you have to do 'ipconfig /registerdns' ?

And don't think it'll be a dns catch because the problems is now alteady going on for more than a week. (first thougt it was the extra security i used (first going to a page where you had to login and after succesfol login being sended to forum...)
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