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Anyone can suggest a good webhost? read on...

Frihost, i have been at frihost and used the host for a good few years and i cannot maintain the point's system anymore as you can see from my current points -83... well i need to move on, if i cant stick to the rules because it's tricky to find the time, ill have to pay for my account elswhere...

im looking for a good webhost, not major expensive but reliable and at a decent price... please frihost dont close my account just yet, im in the process of switching hosts once i find one, i will let you know when the transfer is done to free up space on your host...

any help from anyone, thankyou.
Rule 1i of the Frihost rules poses a problem. Shocked

Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain sites/links to or information about another webhost.

But I'm doubting whether "payed" hosts are included in this rule...

Well, anyway, continue Very Happy (until someone says otherwise) Anxious
We generally frown upon discussions regarding any hosts of any kind. However, I was recently notified of a really reliable paid host that I would personally recommend.
They have excellent reliability. The pricing is listed in Pounds, though. You may want to convert it into dollars to compare it to other paid hosts.
I think we want full cPanel, don't we? (Yes, we are spoiled on Frihost)
Doesn't that one come with cPanel + Fantastico?
tidruG wrote:
Doesn't that one come with cPanel + Fantastico?

Well, I wasn't referring to that hosting service not having cPanel... It was just a general remark. Very Happy Please continue!
I use Yahoo Geocities ( for my robotics team's website, though I'm not so sure it's the right choice. I'm not paying for it right now (well, apparently nobody is, since it got suspended...trying to figure that out now) so I don't know how it measures up, but it definitely does not have cPanel--Yahoo made up their own solution for uploading files, managing traffic, etc. Supposedly they supply email addresses, but I don't know how to set them up. They have PHP 4 on their server, and I don't know for sure, but I don't think they have MySQL or any other type of database software. They offer a free service, but when you use it, they append tons of pop-ups and a sidebar that takes up about 20 percent of the width of the page.

I'm not so sure that Geocities is the right way to go.

What would be really sweet is if Frihost offered paid sites...but I'll leave that up to Bondings and the other admins.

I have no personal experience, but I have heard that Bluehost is a professional hosting service. Comes at around $6.95 per month. Offers a LOT of storage and bandwidth. Cool
I know a couple of people who swear by (mt) Media Temple. They love it so much that they even make these nice shiny badges to link with on ther sites. Smile I'm sure you will come across these (mt) fanboys/fangirls somewhere. I don't know if it's just a "cool" thing to do, or if their service is really fantastic... Confused

Of course, there's always Dreamhost, who also has its own share of fans. Smile
I recommend I have been using there for a while now and they have good support and never really had a problem with them.
saratdear wrote:
I have no personal experience, but I have heard that Bluehost is a professional hosting service. Comes at around $6.95 per month. Offers a LOT of storage and bandwidth. Cool

I second that. I used them for a while and had no problems whatsoever. Easy setup, easy maintanance, and a good price for the bandwidth/storage.
thanks for the replies, sorry if i broke any rules.. as you can see im looking for a host so i dont use up uneccesary space at frihost since i cant make the points up... ill look into these hosts and hope to be hosted within a week
If you have the time might I suggest building and running your own server? Back up your frih account then build a server and restore what you can. Which should be everything. Just may take some work.
afraid i dont have the time ^^ Cool

ive looked over the hosts and it's really between or

do i pay the extra $1 a month and get double the diskspace at hostgator ... i believe double the bandwidth also... really need to know now, which of the two would you guys say was more reliable??

what about godaddy??? or is that a no go?
Visiting is probably a very good place for you to check out various paid webhosting providers. There forum is a plethora of information regarding which hosting company oversells, which don't, which has good customer service and whatnot.

I tend to just read and browse the posters reviews of greatness or shoddiness of the companies.
yes i agree goto webhostingtalk there's a lot of choices there...
thanks! taken my problem over to that site and will ask for some advice there..
because free webhosts where being posted and the topicstarter found another forum to continue.
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