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Songbird - Web based media player

Has anyone used Songbird? I've been to the website and really dig what they're trying to do, but I'm not sure if it is going to catch on and hence if people are going to build extensions for it. Without plugins there doesn't seem to be much reason to choose it over most other media players. They're art and humor on the site does rock though.
I tried it a while ago and for the time it worked, it was great. It would crash my machine after a few minutes though. When they get a stable release, I may try it again. The concept is really cool, and I hope it catches on.
Built on the same engine as Firefox, looks like a Web2.0 iTunes. I used it for several months last year on my old PC. I had it running in Kubuntu and XP. I liked it a lot, I just never downloaded it when I bought the new laptop. It's very functional and pretty.

You should definitely try it out (won't hurt) and the reason it's not too popular is because it was, and I assume, still is beta software. If it works and you like it, tell your friends about it and eventually more plugins will be made when more people start using it.
Hmm, tried it again some days ago in version 1.1.2 as some Open Source-Alternative to iTunes.
I have to say that I really like the idea of Songbird and I'm pleased to see how far they got. But there are some things that bugged me - and maybe will bug you - in long-time usage.

It eats much more RAM than you'd like to spend for just listening to music. 100 MB RAM just for not even showing the window and playing one song? Oh c'mon. Also, the UI is kinda sluggish sometimes.
About the iPod functionality: Songbird can sync songs to the iPod. Okay, that usually works. But it doesn't sync the Covers - and that looks quite lame on the iPods where you have CoverFlow and such. It doesn't really work with Podcasts or photos.
Also, the integrated browser is just Firefox which brings you to the question "Why the hell does it have another browser inside?" Okay, it saves you a few clicks when you install add-ons and detects downloadable mp3s on sites - but you could do this yourself. I assume nearly everyone who tries songbird has at least one browser installed on his or her system...
Also, I really dislike the audioblog-stuff - Songbird is acting like you would support artists with that, but just downloading songs of bands for free isn't really helping. It could as well just include a BitTorrent-Client and links to The Pirate Bay and isohunt Rolling Eyes
All in all, it's nice to try, but for me it copies iTunes in some functionalities as a music software and adds some useless bells and whistles. The style of Songbird is very similar to iTunes, there's even the three-paned filter view, and some add-on which copies the Cover Flow functionality. I won't say it's a complete iTunes rip-off, but at 1.1.2, I won't call it a great contender.
But it's still in development, who knows how fast the new features come Smile
Mh, I have to revise my judgement a bit - when I reviewed it, I used Safari 4, which is a giant memory hug (yet?), both on RAM and disk memory. Now that I don't use it, I have a lot of RAM left anyway, so it's not a big deal... although it's 171 MB RAM right now for just playing a bit of a song Very Happy
The aim is to become something like the Firefox for Music - looking at it that way, the bells and whistles aren't that bad (you don't have to use it if you don't want to).
I tried it and it seem to up ton of resources, and crash my system often or freeze it up. So I end up just uninstalling it to save my computer from the beating Laughing . Now i use VLC (
First, it's, not videoland. Very Happy
Then - you use windows, right? Just curious...
Anyway, VLC is something quite different, but definitely no bad choice. Smile
If it works in a Mac, I'll try it out...
Does is let you run extensions like .xvid .avi or those files which you get when you download from sites like youtube ?
I use songbird, though I have to admit it does take longer then other programs to load a song.
When i first got songbird, i thought it to be an amazing piece of work.i downloaded all it's plugins. And then i restarted. It took full 2 minutes for the software to start. Too heavy. It's not worth listening to at this slow rate. Even the songs load slower than other players.
Nope...i will always stick with my windows media is the best for me...and even if i am thinking of getting media softwares...the chinese ppl got loads of them with millions of jamz loaded in them...u dont even have to download the songs on your computer....just search the artists...& voila....u get all the jams & u can play from online with a 10sec boost ahaead of play so if ur connection is does not buffer at all...but if not...u might get alittle buffer...but to be frank...these softwares are the best media players i have come across so far besides windows media can give this a try....
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