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World's First 3D Display Revealed

The world's first interactive 3D display has been developed by IO2 Technology. HelioDisplay creates 3D displays in the air using lasers, drawing input from computers, TVs and DVDs. It also allows interactive applications to be controlled by a finger, instead of a mouse. "Our first generation version, the Heliodisplay, projects TV, streaming video and computer images into free space, (mid-air)", the company's website claims.


*edit by tidrug: the above link doesn't work. Try and, which were submitted by BlackSkad. Thank you, mate.
The site is down... is this the one where it's projected onto a stream of air? If i remember right it gets kind flickery after about a foot...
Unable to see it
But I think it should be a nice one
The Site is down. I wonder to see it, is there any other site where i can find it?
Try this link:
It's realy amazing. They just project something in midair. So without any wall or something. It's realy weird, like science-fiction is less far away then I thought.
That looks cool. The images are probably a bit blurry because this is new technology and like a photograph of a show on tv a photograph of this looks a bit blurry.

This is great technology i think, scifi like.
prolly very expensive also. But it's a very nice gadget for the rich people among us.
Hopefully it's in a few years available for all of us.
But i'm wondering, not to be sceptic or something, what does it do to us?
Is it good for our brain? or our eyes when playing videogames for a long time, or watching a dvd, like stephen king's red rose for 4 hours straight? Plasma screens are using lots of power,wich make our electric bill rising skyhigh. I bet these lasers are also powerconsuming monsters. Then again, only the rich people can affort to buy these things, and they can affort high bills. Energy crisis everywhere and prices are going trough the roof. So i guess the rich people are the most to blame for it, but the poor people can pay for it.
But that's how i think about things, i could be wrong.. Very Happy
Anyone else notice that it's actually NOT 3D? But 2D...
The videos look terrible. There seems to be no evidence that the image is being projected in the air at all. If the hand had gone through the image, that would be one thing, but as it is, it looks almost faked.

for $500, Alex, what is Sony at the 1997 Las Vegas Comdex.
Guys If U've seen "Paycheck" starring Ben Affleck he makes a 3d display by reverse engineering...

It has taken few years for this to become reality..

This prooves that movies are stepping stones to real gadgets and machines..

Even James Bond Movies prooved this!
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