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anyone play MMORPG games?

i play in the game Rakion.
it's a very fun game and new.
it's open only for small groops of countries until the 25/8 (it now close beta)
then it be open for everyone
here's the web of the game:
have fun play in the game =)
Softnyx is also the company that made Gunbound which started pretty much free. I looked at the screenshots and Rakion is vastly different to the cute characters and avatars that Gunbound has. Interesting to see Softnyx can swing both ways.
One thing to note is that Rakion was originaly in China (from memory) and they implemented the law of minors not being able to play PVP/PK style games.

You actually have to sign up with a citizen number.

Check out for guides and such if you're interested, although most of the talk has gone darker since the mods have been on less and less.

Added with Edit ^_^

Forgot to mention the one I play atm..

GuildWars - Am loving it as there is NO monthly fees at all.. And with new content being added VERY soon that will make things much more interesting.
It's designed really well with even those people who can play only a few hours a week or more can have fun and enjoy the later part of the game with the Arenas etc.

My Girlfriend became addicted to it also and *cough* made me buy another account so she could have my original!
I usually play Ragnarok Online, rarely with O2 Jam, and occasionally with rose Online... Apparently Rose Online became free now in my country so, I play it everyday...

If you want to play that game, just go here: (For international RO)

I'm from the Philippines so, the website would be:
I used to play MMORPGs, but now... I played Rakion only few hours, but I spent hundreds of hours played GunBound. But now GunBound su**, because there are only two groups of players newbie(no avatar, no skill) and pros(best avatar, high skill) and when you are between... it's not funny...

Now I play only MMOFPS - WarRock. It's pretty good Very Happy
Ones I have played a lot in Silk Road. Just like it's atmosphere of far east mixed with fantasy. But it was before an update of european servers (at least corean publishers had promissed to make a huge update for europeans up to the end of 2006).
If you interested to learn more about this game - check offisial game site:
i love MMORPG game alot... but the problem is my computer is too "High" above thier Minimun requitment..
so what i can play are the oldies.. something like Ragnarok online, Maple Story, Scions of fate, Getamped, Gunbound, Seal Online, ghost Online,Gunz.. and some low grafic detail n 2d game...
i use to play gunbound.. but now its does rock as the old day wherer so so so many player play the game untill most server are full.. esp the free zone with avatar off.. all the player are worth to kill.. their aiming skill are rock!! never miss!! but now.. gunbound seen like lost it magic..
Ragnarok isthe first MMORPG i played 5 years ago... i love the game untill my internet bill kill me for sure.. the most flavour character are the hunter.. the one with the silly falcon!
but still i love any sor of MMORPG.... some have to go CC to played it.. such as wowo, linage2,Flyff, guild war....
so i am a big fan of MMORPG...
Mathew Elric
I hear there are alot of script kiddies in Silkroad...

I've been playing Guild Wars alot lately, got a level 9 character and made it all the way to Yak's Bend soloing ^^
i play runescape every once in awhile. i used to play it alot, but not anymore. i don't think i'll get into any mmo's for ahwile because i'd rather try to get my website up and make it into to actually something this time.
I love mmorpg's one that i play the most is Last Chaos, Very good game interesting there are so many people you could have friends in no time and you can train with them it really is interesting and fun >< Maybe you guys should try it out, It's all free and the graphics are really really good. You should be able to run it on a low spec machine although nowadays most machines come with basic needs for a game of this caliber. If you're interested get it at If i had to rate this game 1 out of 10, 10 being excellent 1 being poor. I would give this game a 9. There are some features i would like to see in there but it's a very good game and best of all it's free!! Very Happy
I play MMORPG a lot, in terms of numbers or MMORPGs. I am a fan of fantasy MMORPG. I have never been a fan of the sci-fi or historical genre. However, I hate grinding compared to many players. It takes me a very long time to level up. In fact, the highest level I have ever gotten to a game has been level 31; this when compared to many other players is not that high. I think my main point in playing the games is I've always been interested in game design and the storyline and it allows me to explore game mechanics because I want to sell my idea of a MMORPG one day.
I would if I could, but I can't.
I play WoW and want to switch to Lord of the Rings Online. WoW has been over-run with asshats and jerks. It has become Star Wars Galaxies without the customization. I know Lord of the Rings Online will end up that way too... they all do. But at least for now it isn't.

There should be a minimum age requirement for MMOs... seriously... or at least for certain servers. I am so fed up with the children and hearing about Chuck friggin Norris and all that crap. I LOVE the games. I love some of the community. I hate the immature PvPtards that come with it. If you like to PvP, that's fine. I support that. But some of us play the game for the game content. Not to compensate for what we lack elsewhere.

Sorry this is such a rant... but wow.

I always think "It will get better."
I always let myself down.

It's also unfortunate that there are 'children' who are over the age of 30. It would seem that these people would have a maturity level above that of an 8 year old. Apparently not. Sad


But yeah... WoW is the only MMO at the moment. I've actually considered returning to CoH, but it's been so long since I played it, I don't know if I will even enjoy it again.
I used to play RO, it's the only international MMORPG I've ever played. I like the cute characters and the job system. I've played other chinese language MMORPG which is quite sucks IMO.

a text based strategy game that just got out.
me? i like Ragnarok Online so much
I play Rakion. Add me in game, my name is AkeIdama
I have a long list of MMORPGs I used to play. Nowadays I can be found on Guild Wars (which pretty much everyone here heard about) and 9 Dragons (oriental-themed martial arts RPG). None of them have monthly fees, by the way.
Try this: Rose Online

Here's the details:

It's fun and get a lot of friends easily ^_^
My all time favorite genera of games is actually MMORPG.
I love it because the point of the game is to try to make it seem like a type of life allowing the gamer to get more into the game than games like Counter Strike. I do have to say though, I have drifted out of MMORPG's and have been playing a lot of Battlefield 2 now.
I am wasting my time on TraVian now~
I played WOW for the longest time. I actually started playing in for 8-10 hours at a time. WAY to much to do in that game. Then I realized I was paying 15.00 a month for something that really began getting repetitive. Still a great game though.
mmorpgs are fun to play =] some of the best ones that i've played are:

Lineage2 (free since i played on private server =])
GranadoEspada (free since it's in beta right now, GO GO!!)
Ragnarok Online (free since i also played on private server xD)

but right now i'm just kind of relaxing and waiting for international Ragnarok Online 2 to come out. The korean one is out in beta already but I can't read korean, and I really don't feel like stumbling around for half an hour trying to figure out how to walk and sit lol.
I have played all MMORPG's as far as I know.
From Lineage to Rakion, and from WoW to Tails of Pirates
Currently play: Final Fantasy XI

And, btw... the new expansion "Wings of the Goddess" is scheduled to be released this coming Winter. New jobs and "new" areas are expected to be introduced. Can't wait to find out everything that's going to happen.
I used to many MMORPGS one of them was Rune Scape i really liked it a lot. but later when my parents pointed out i saw that i was getting addicted to it. So i stopped playing them that moment. I care about my studies/
yasaki wrote:
I have played all MMORPG's as far as I know.
From Lineage to Rakion, and from WoW to Tails of Pirates

Dang! you must have a lot of time on your hands.

I played this game called Dofus, it is a fun strategy mmorpg; this game took more hours from my life then t.v., but occasionally I would get tired of the game and play Dofus: Arena. Now I'm bored of both ( don't get me wrong I will come back to them) so I play Ragnarok Online ( private server; I hate paying)

btw I can't stand runescape the only good thing about it is that you can play without installing it
i play Guildwars.

its an free Online Game.
Patriot Players
Ive playaed EQ, EQ2, WoW, and beta tested Vanguard. Also have played Shards of Dalaya an EQ emulator.

Right now Im playing EVE online and loving every minute of it.
I picked up Guild Wars: Prophecies about two weeks ago.

It's a great game, considering you don't have to pay for the service like World of Warcraft. Very Happy
Yes, after discovering them, I've pretty much given up first person shooters.

Runescape, WoW, and Rappelz are some of the ones I play among others.
well i play runescape at and sometimes i play World of Warcraft

for those that care....

my runescape naame is cy10

i am level 101 total level 1518

i can help other people if they need it, add me
Play WoW myself mostly, probably changing to Warhammer once it comes out, other MMo's havent really caught my intention due to graphics and gameplay

Most folks i know still play GW or Runescape,
i played many games but i don't have much time,so that i don't play all these.
If anybody has any good recommendations for a free, half-text half-GUI (I say this because most free MMORPGs that try to utilize 3D imaging end up looking terrible and running slowly), MMORPG I'd greatly appreciate it. I say free because I'm not about to pay time and money to live an online life, haha

I used to play Realms of Kaos a lot
Revelation's a good one too
Play Realms of Kaos again

It's back up and better than ever *thumbs up*
Yeah, i play MMORPGs. I play World Of Warcraft. its pretty fun, I have a lvl 67 Bloodelf Mage named Noodlehead and i pretty much mob everyone haha, its tight. Its pay to play, credit card, and its like 15 bucks a month or something like that. Smile

I also play MapleStory, that games fun too, i have a lvl 26 warrior or fighter or w/e there called, its fun, its free to play and its alot of fun and its like platform mario based.
the only MMORPG-game i ever played(and still playing) is Omerta/barafranca.
It's a text-based maffia-game.
here's a list of web browser only mmorpg games
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