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Difference between NBA rules and European rules

I was just wondering is there a difference in the rules for NBA and the basketball that is played in Europe.

If someone could outline the differences it would be great, I think I remember there is some NBA rules regarding defense to promote one on one plays to make it more exciting to watch but am not exactly sure so I could be entirely wrong! So anyone who could put me straight on this it would be great
well as no one replied to my post I thought I would keep searching and see what I could find. After a long search I was able to come across a link that had exactly what I was looking for. The article was written before TEAM USA's Olympic Qualifiers

Anyway enough of me rattling on, here´s the link and I hope its useful to someone as well.
Well the NBA has changed their 'illegal defense' rules to allow zones like international play....kind of. You still can't just camp in the key on defense "defense three second rule". Also, international rules have a 30 second shot clock (instead of 24) and 10 minute periods (instead of 12). International basketball players get 5 fouls (instead of 6), the key is a trapazoid (which hurts the big men on rebounding missed free throws) and the three point line is at 20'9 instead of 23'9 in the NBA. Also you can get away with 'goaltending' in international play and it's against the rules to take the ball of the rim in the NBA.

International play seems to be more free flowing, nice passing and more traditional. The NBA seems to be all about flashy play, highlights, in your face dunks and one on one play. The athletic ability of the NBA players seems to be higher, so the defense is more intense. But international players seem to be more team oriented and more about winning instead of showing up on Sportscenter. I like them both, but I think that the international popularity of basketball is very good for the NBA as some of the international styles of play is making the NBA a better league, with more fundamental players. Just look at the Spurs, last years championa to see how international play has made an impact on the NBA.
one of the rules different is the shotclock, p.e.

in europe, there are 30 sec to shot, in the nba just 24... i guess this is an all american rule

and the foulout is after 5, not after 6 fouls.

i don´t know any more, but it was a beginning ^^
I was told recently that international rules changed to the 24 second clock some years ago from the 30 second clock?? Maybe what I heard is wrong but I can check up on this.

When you say illegal defense what do you mean exactly by this??
Ahh yes, the 'illegal defense' rule. You see, until very recently, the NBA had rules governing the way you played defense (they still do to a degree). The old rule was, you had to guard your man, you COULDN'T play zone. The only exception was if you wanted to double team the ball....but as soon as the man with the ball passed you had to go back to your man. If you tried to just guard an 'area' like you do in zone defense, you would be called for illegal defense and the other team got a free throw AND the ball back. So basically the NBA enforced ONLY man to man defense in the NBA until very recently. They decided to change a few years ago (and I think the reason was that they saw the USA getting beat in international play and decided we needed to learn to play against zone defense). So they changed the rule somewhat. Now zones are allowed with one exception. You can't just stay in the paint unless there is an offensive player there...if the offense has cleared the paint, you have 2.9 seconds to get out of the paint or you will be called for 'defensive three seconds'. This is to force guys like Shaq and Yao to not just sit under the basket to keep guys from driving the lane, and forces them to actually go out of the lane if the offense clears everyone out of the lane to allow quick cutting and driving.....but as long as there is an offensive player there, someone like Yao or Shaq can now 'zone up' the middle of the paint.
cheers thanks for clearing up the illegal defense rule, makes it alot clearer
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